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Place-Based Creative Problem-Solving for every place and every problem including climate!


Executive summary

Bootstrapping a high-tech entrepreneurial think & do tank that enables citizens, startups, students, and visitors of Silicon Saxony (of which Dresden is the heart) to co-creating a sustainable world. The enabling "fuel" will be the combined and loosened up collective intelligence.


Initially driven by the personal passion of the initiator to bring the region around Dresden to the former economic strength that once it made it the "powerhouse" of European entrepreneurship and innovation back in the day. There is a long legacy of it for almost six centuries as the silver mines initiated the wealth of the region.

Since the early beginning of the project in 2008, there have been various educational institutions like Team Academy ("management school without teachers"), Technical University of Dresden, MIT Sloan School of Management Senseable City LabPresencing InstituteSingularity UniversityStanford University, ....

Via boundary spanning across a wide range of interdisciplinary, cultural networks new members get interested and passionate about the project. Their support reaches from financial support to personal advice or making connections to other networks in their local vicinity.


Making Dresden the leading city for the interconnectivity of hightech, singularity, arts, and social innovation in the till 2015.


The region with its great people bear a vast amount of potential to cocreate the future. Keeping the energy and the innovative minds locally and provide value through using Web facilities will lower the carbon footprint due to daily travels to work, increases the serendipity by bringing people closer together.


If more detailed models or spreadsheets are useful in demonstrating your proposal’s feasibility, please send them to, and they will be reviewed and linked to your proposal. 
Teams are also encouraged to note regional/national proposals that are complementary to their global proposal.


... creating more value for the community, companies, education institutions, the city and the region and last but not least the CITIZENS by harnessing the existing collective intelligence.