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CLEAN ENERGY ARCHITECTURE - Technological revolution and environmental bonanza





War, upheaval, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes; forced migration.

Disaster relief and emergency assistance should assure survival in the short run while building the basic building blocks of sustainable living in the long run.

It is evident that we need to listen and look carefully to nature to find the solutions and "manuals" through the observation and study of Spaceship Earth.

Energy and communications come at the core of the conflict. There is a strong relationship between shortcomings of energy with a decaying ecological environment - a side-effect of our addiction to petroleum and our culture of waste.



Sergio Quadros

Principal, Cleanergie

(617) 331-9193



Clean Energy Architecture is the post-Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century.

Box 3222, Plymouth, MA 02361



Our habits have to be transformed by the same objects that created them. The paradigm shift to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle can only come through design science.

The ability to generate clean, renewable energy shelters, dwellings and communities in a sustainable way while simultaneously creating various streams of revenue, opening jobs and marketing opportunities is clear and present. 

Air, Land and Water are our most important assets, communication is today’s currency, and Energy our most precious commodity. Time is of essence.

 The future is NOW. Innovation and self reliance creates an engine of global environmental and economic recovery.






"Wizened magic man:

Catches sadness in gnarled hands,

crumbles it to a fine frozen powder

and, tossing it into a dark sky

makes stars"




We need Clean water and we can get pure water

We need Clean air and we can get pure air

We need Clean energy and we can get pure energy

We can manage abundance rather than scarcity; we have the tools, we have the know-how. We know zero waste, zero emissions and net-zero energy.

The chain of manufacturing can be retro-fed to the community or municipality for macro-regenerative processes such as waste-to energy conversion and combined heat and power with 75% efficiency –  current achievements in excess of  90% are in place.


Waste at residential scale can be transformed in panelized modular elements to be used by the construction industry. At macro scale generate waste-to energy conversion with plasma technology.

The regenerative process develops a pulsating rhythm of expansion, contraction, consolidation, assimilation and emission from in a refinement cycle in which the refuse or excess of one process is used as fuel for another at a local and a global scale.

Nature itself provides the model for conservation, preservation, re-generation and proliferation of natural environments thus balancing the real demand-supply needs of the population in an organic way. This system is based on the degree by which wealth is transferred from one system to another and better defined as the "time-energy metabolic accounting system of the universe" by Buckminster Fuller.

Many pervasive and wasteful habits fueled by ego, greed and ignorance need to change in a way to shift whatever is "cool" in what is also healthy for all. A "green" and "cool" image will far make it possible, specially in the United States to transform the energy use and be the shifting point on the paradigm change taking advantage on the particularly american characteristica of homogeneity, velocity and global trend-setting ability. Rewarding conservation practices will do the rest.

We build dwellings capable to produce their own electricity, clean water and communications with net-zero emisions – instead of waste can re-generate a bointiful Natural environment and generate wealth, jobs and a shockwave of global recovery.

. As needs grow so it grows - organically - the dwelling and the community, fueling centers of innovation, training and production.

These dwellings and communities of the future are possible to be built TODAY as renewable energy generators and engines of environmental remediation regeneration and conservation. We do not need to encroach in agricultural land. - On the contrary - it is possible to improve efficiencies of most urban agricultural, industrial and agricultural systems in vertical integration.minimizing their footprint.

We started with a conceptual design for a new Army of PEACE. Able to deploy in minimum time practices and assets to leave the occupied sites better than before and with a permanent, sustainable legacy. Disaster recovery that makes sense. A never-ending education based on merit, generous, impartial and accessible to ALL is the new marketing key.


 By large: The overall application of renewable energy generation has one major obstacle: Storage. The sustainable development of Lithium technologies, paricularly in Bolivia in South America brings an extraordinary opportunity to obtain a cohesive panamerican unit and spiritual stewardship by restoring the Native American Spirit – noting that this spirit is not only american but common to all humanity. This development should be a showcase of sustainable vision and international scientific collaboration beyond the artificial hindrances imposed by a bankrupt economical model based in competition to be replaced by a Natural Capitalism protocol of collaboration respecting and fostering Intellectual Property and thus propelling and accelerating fair trade and sustainable technology with continuous innovation.


All steps of this process have a simple gauge of success: They produce WEALTH in terms of abundance, jobs, health and joy. – and YES, also money.

 Re-evaluation of regulatory environments at a local and global level suggests a moratorium on obsolete pollutant, predatory, destructive and ruinous practices in mining and manufacturing technologies. These can be re-tooled and shifted to become engines of remediation, regeneration and wealth – synonymous with health and prosperity - cognoscente that the monetary component of WEALTH is less than 5% of its real value. A proper scale for local and global trade based on in-situ energy value as a norm, for example.


 The archaic and obsolete "Generally accepted accounting practices" must be replaced with a detailed and scrupulous scientific accounting system in tune with Nature with innovative and revoulutionary moneyless transactions based in uninterrupted evolution, currently broken for the getting rich quick and exit strategy schemes..


The "make money only and make money fast" is penalized and declared illegal ending predatory banking practices that charge obscene fees and interests to the common population. The greatest religions condemn this practice as usury.

The malady of many massive media - money-market driven is being replaced by a network of organic networks running at the speed of light while we pretend to ignore that the economical system we live in is arcair and needs to be in sync with Nature..

(where the stars tie-up)Quechua






{"The Alchemist" - New Alchemy Institute)



Perhaps the greatest opportunity – and most achievable – is the reconstruction of communities in Japan. The building of a showcase of current sustainable technology and innovation in sustainability is possible to be built TODAY with secured financing and international cooperation that might very well serve as a model all over the world.

The core of the community is a Renewable Energy Industrial Park – waste-to-energy process and recovery of water, rainwater, purification and re-generation of the environment, organic crops, fabrication of ultra-efficient dwellings and vehicles..

A laboratory and a technology Institute for Research and development of Lithium technologies and a contest for the design and construction of sustainable dwellings is currently being conducted in Bolivia.


PHASE I :Cleanergie Shelter: Direct financing, grants, current and future contracts, awards and other financial incentives are much of the funding for this phase.

PHASE II: Sustainable Laboratory : Research, experimentation and development, Financed mainly by strategic alliances and joint ventures with manufacturers, contractors, vendors, academia, and commerce.

PHASE III Chaskawatana community. Academic and Industrial parks with residential clusters and recreation. Funded by International Organizations, Multidisciplinary Consortiums and Government Institutions.


– Chaskawatana community: It is designed based on simple and functional comfort, similar to villages, vacation resorts, universities, spa’s and/or combinations thereof.  







CLEANERGIE is a readily deployable, self-contained shelter that delivers energy, potable water and satellite communication. Uses renewable energy technology to remain self-reliant for extended periods. Ideal for quick response to fundamental life support and routine needs.

The components folds in a modular "origami" fashion operating with net-0 energy and net-0 emissions.

CLEANERGIE at its smallest practical size is a survival package, compact and rugged, used to provide energy, water and communications in situ. It could be dropped from aircraft or vessels in disaster and emergency areas as well as used for every day life. It uses renewable energy to operate. It is stackable, scalable and replicable.


Basic human services are typically connected to a supply grid from a centralized location, whether it is the conduction of electricity through electric cables, fuel delivery or piped water supply in a metropolitan setting. Our product relieves the dependency on these vulnerable links. In the case of developing countries or remote areas, it provides the base for basic services.

Recent worldwide events in developed and underdeveloped countries have proven the need for a packaged solution to basic human needs. The success of the CLEANERGIE unit is its universal capability of providing emergency and everyday services across the globe.

CLEANERGIE is currently being produced at CLEANERGIE HILL in Plymouth, Massachusetts.




This phase constitutes the core of an Industrial Park or Residential Cluster. Powered by an array of phase 1 shelters and components arranged in a particular configuration. It transforms scarcity to surplus creating a synergy on its application as a method to manage success. This is what we see: