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Christopher Rhie

Jun 14, 2013


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Dr. Ellwood, thank you for submitting a proposal. I think that microfinance could be an important tool to enable climate change adaptation. I am not a microfinance expert, but I wonder if you can address what kind of gaps currently exist. Are major players such as Grameen Bank engaging with this area? What I'm getting at is - what kind of impact would your new nonprofit have? What is innovative about it? Addressing these questions will help your proposal become more competitive.

Libby Ellwood

Jun 15, 2013


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Thanks for reading my proposal and for your helpful comments. I have added language to further describe our unique contributions. Unlike other microfinance programs, we will be highly focused on climate change adaptation. Furthermore, we will conduct high-level, on-the-ground scientific research that will serve as a positive feedback between local participants and researchers in developed nations. (More on this in the proposal). Thanks again, I believe we have a stronger proposal with these additions.

2013civilsocietyadaptationjudges 2013civilsocietyadaptationjudges

Jul 3, 2013


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Thank you for your proposal. It had interesting elements, and we appreciate the thought and work that went into it. Here are suggestions for improving it: • To continue developing your proposal, the judges recommend that you look more closely into the details associated with microfinance.