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Recycle newspapers into household insulation using no toxic chemicals, adhesives, or resins



In order to reduce landfill waste, the use of fossil fules in hauling material, and the use of toxic chemicals and adhesives, daily newspapers could be collected, shressed, and pressed into insulation boards.  Boards could be made into modular units which could then be used in standard building construction.  

Category of the action

Building efficiency, Social Action

What actions do you propose?

Collect used newspapers

Shed newspapers into pulp

Press pulp into board

Use board to Insulate House

Who will take these actions?

Individual homeowners and communities of recyclers

Where will these actions be taken?

In developed and developing countries

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Hauling waste

Landfilling, Incinerating, or Refabricating existing material

Chemical or toxins in manufactured building insulation

What are other key benefits?

Reduce waste to landfill

Building social community around recycling

Low cost, easy to fabricate product could be used in developing communites and neighborhoods around the world.  

What are the proposal’s costs?


Insulation product development

Designing product production process

Research of environmentally sensivite adhesives

Organizing municipal paper collection

Time line

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