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A major blow-out in the Arctic could potentially bring down the United States of America and domino effect our planet into ultimate chaos.





The objective of this proposal is focused on how off-shore oil and gas extraction may use the knowledge gained from reactive situations in the past to enhance the innovation we need to make prudent and proactive decisions in the future.

Planet Earth's long term sustainability, international security, and continued existence will be greatly impacted by leaders doing the right things for the right reasons!


Category of the action

Fossil fuel sector efficiency

What actions do you propose?

If I understand everything correctly, "powers-that-be" are gearing up to resume off-shore drilling.

As our planet gravitates closer to oil recovery located in the warming waters of the Arctic, many people believe that a cavalier attitude in a world focused on the demise of America is the prescription for disaster.

Many are concerned that our leaders have forgotten the accidental (4.9) million barrel blow-out in 2010 and the probable terrorist activity that may occur in the future.

If our planetary governments and oil and gas leaderships will collectively step forward in a proactive and trustworthy way and definitively state they have in place 24/7/365 emergency teams uniquely trained and equipped to address these situations should they happen again, the masses would be more at ease.


There is a reason why I am apprehensive about our future being contingent upon lackluster "learn-as-you-go" engineering processes and gallant promises of "we've got your back".

As an example; due to the adverse conditions and potential fallout concerning the 2010 accidental blow-out in the Gulf of Mexico, the world's top engineers converged on Houston, Texas to rectify the situation.

Beginning May 8, 2010, I sent solutions with designs to the major players involved in the ongoing disaster. These solutions also included how the major players could institute "24/7/365 Rapid Response Teams" to responsibly lift the moratorium on off-shore drilling operations in the future.


Now it's three years later and we're looking at a whole new ball game where a major blow-out in the Arctic could devastate the economies of Canada and the United States of America into planetary chaos.

If drilling proceeds and is successful without repercussions and our world reaps the benefits and financial rewards of oil and gas extraction from the Arctic region, I will apologize in advance for having wasted your time reading this proposal.

However, If our leaders are unable/unwilling to differentiate between responsible and irresponsible decisions that contribute to a major blow-out in the Arctic region - let it be known that planetary leaders had the option to read and address these concerns on the Climate Co Lab contest site in June of 2013.


The Bottom Line Is :

If we have a major blow-out in the Arctic, it doesn't matter whether it was caused by accident or terrorist design.

The polluted headwaters of the Arctic could potentially bring down the United States of America and domino effect our planet into ultimate chaos and lawlessness.

Who will take these actions?


Governments, oil companies, think tanks, etc.


Where will these actions be taken?


Everywhere off-shore drilling extracts Oil & Gas!

Specifically, the democracies of Canada and U.S.A. will suffer major short and long term effects of a catastrophic blow-out in the Arctic!

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Business, as usual, will cease to exist!

Societies - without capital for goods and services - will experience lawlessness.

What are other key benefits?


A "24/7/365 Rapid Response Team" is a proactive contingency whose outcome could dramatically impact billions of people. 

What are the proposal’s costs?


The program could be funded by the petroleum industry with each participant paying a certain amount each year, so the service will always be available if needed.

Time line

"24/7/365 Rapid Response Teams" and their unique tools should be set in place before any drilling occurs in the Arctic region.

Plus; International, intelligence, and surveillance should also monitor related activity to Arctic oil and gas extraction.

We failed in the Gulf and got away with it -

If we fail in the Arctic . . It's over!

Thank you for your time.

                                        Johnnie Buttram

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