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Green roof projects that can be easily created from recycled materials and easily installed on a wide variety of surfaces.



Many new building projects incorporate the concept of a green roof to help keep buildings cooler, reduce rain runoff and improve air quality. For many existing homes the addition of a green roof presents many challenges.  This proposal involves the development of modular garden units that can be mounted on many types of building roofs or walls to allow the owners to gain some of the benefits of a larger scale green roof design. 

Key actor

Grassroots neighborhood organizations

What actions do you propose?

Garden units can be made from recycled materials such as two liter soda bottles, or other food safe plastic containers.  The bottles would be modified so that a pole could be inserted through them, and an opening would be made for the plants.  Several of these garden units could be mounted on a pole together, and the the poles could be inserted between rails on a roof or wall of a building. The rails will allow air to flow under the units, preventing damage to existing roofing materials The modular system enables the user to design a garden that will not exceed the design strength of the building.  Because the units can be removed easily, they can be removed during cold weather and for maintenance.

Plants species could include decorative plants or edible plants.  Due to the small size of the units only certain plant species would be able to be used.  Local climate would also be a factor in determing the best plants to use.

A prototype of these garden units will be designed, built and tested.  Analysis of units will include weight and size contraints, and a determination of the best plant types.   Temperature measurements will be made to determine if the garden units can reduce the roof temperature of a structure.

If the garden units can be proven to reduce roof temperature (and therefore home cooling costs), plans for these units can be made available to many neighborhood groups through educational campaigns.

Who will take these actions?

Proposal team

Where will these actions be taken?

Summer 2013

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Building materials:  2 liter bottles, wooden dowels, angle iron or 2 by4 sections for mounting rails.  Less than $20. 

Seeds, potting soil, gravel for drainage.  Less than $10

Instrumentation of monitoring temperature: ?

Time line

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