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Both Individuals & teams will compete using techniques requiring the least energy to complete challenges highlighting normal daily activity.



In order to raise Consumption Reduction Awareness each test will highlight a common activity that may be performed using MUCH LESS energy than most people typically do.  

By showcasing these energy saving events, people will be introduced to methodologies which they themselves can use to embrace and practice energy reduction in their daily activities.

Consumption Reduction Awareness could be modeled during the Olympics, the Survivor show and/or via multi City/College/School competiitons.

Category of the action

Reducing consumption

What actions do you propose?

  1. Select 4 other Energy "Overlords" who, together with the team leader, will finalize the concept and identify the initial specific activities to be tested in the first "round" of Super Savers™.
  2. Identify the measurement criteria, which will be used.
  3. Locate a Sponsor, or sponsors.
  4. Secure and edit for presentation, media/video coverage of  trial tests
  5. Test the concept using two teams with a basic challenge like choosing from various methods of cooking (charcoal, electric stove gas grill, for example) to prepare a specific meal and then in cleaning up the prep area afterwards.
  6. Secure feedback for both partisipants and spectators.
  7. Modify the concept after reviewing the initial test
  8. Report out findings to media outlets and various stakeholders identified through collaboration on development of this proposal

Who will take these actions?

Teams will be chosen and provided orientation to the projects as the proposal develops and then through dialog with stakeholder; more teams in various countries may be identified in areas that hold greatest potential for broad ranging impacts on communities (organizations, schools, televison shows).

Where will these actions be taken?

Wherever people congregate for educational presentations and perhaps televised events such as the Olympics, TED Talk, cooking shows, and talk show hosts may even be recruited in order to reach larger audiences.

  • Television media
  • Organized events
  • Youtube, Vimeo
  • At block parties in neighborhoods


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

  • By participating in competitive, hands on activities participants may achieve greater awareness of the impacts of their actions and may choose to share outcomes of their experiences with others.
  • By performing these demonstrations in venues with large audiences, the potential for broad acceptance of energy saving practices may be realized quickly.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Unknown at this time.

Time line

Currently: recruit more leaders for development of Consumption Reduction Awareness projects.

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