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The mission of Move Your Green is to facilitate people's access to a sustainable world, involving green companies worldwide.



Move Your Green (MYG) is the first social network that promotes sustainability. The motivation arises as a combination of two current key factors. First is the environmental challenge human kind faces in terms of scarcity of resources and climate change. Second is the increasing of both accessibility and participation of people on social networks. 

Current global consumption patterns are unsustainable. In terms of the current supply of energy and material resources needed, natural resource consumption is expected to rise to 170% of the Earth’s bio-capacity by 2040 (World Business Council for Sustainable Develpment 6). It is becoming apparent that companies’ technological advances and marketing strategies alone will not be enough to bring numbers to a sustainable level promptly. Given this challenging scenario, MYG desires to create value for green companies, playing a leadership role fostering companies’ innovation, marketing and communication. 

Category of the action

Reducing consumption

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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