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Smiles Take Less Energy by Smiley Energy Team

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Frowns use more energy than smiles. Science interfaces our efficient bodies through frowns. When this tech makes us smile, the result is..?



Being an activist for social change, I look at the way people behave. There are a lot of guys who'd throw a paper cup with its plastic lid right down the paper recycle bin, even with a straw still stuck in it. Maybe because they had a bad day in a 3rd world country that isn't as nice as where they studied at (in America) or their double-parked car with alarms going off had to be moved by orders of the mall PA system. These are the challenges we face in doing something simple like recycling or turning off lights here in Malaysia, possibly elsewhere - it's all about making people frown less every day and the solutions are simply our body language: Bravery. The tools: social skills.

Category of the action

Reducing consumption

What actions do you propose?

  1. Marriage - every government expects it - a happy marriage saves power, water and reduces consumption. People need to understand what love is, passion, lust, homosexuality, deep down through proper education by loving parents and relatives, reading materials, attracting people to community centres for longer periods.
  2. Sports - men and women who play real world games use less energy overall than people who sit in front of the X-Box not just because you bought the X-Box or that it has 8 CPUs but more like they can shower together, sleep together, eat rations with discipline, while getting a workout outside of an air-conditioned gym. We need more sports everyone can play.
  3. Toasting - there are so many embarrassing things that get in the way of daily life. If only we could say the right words and make it better then people would share and care sincerely across racial and religious divides. Aggressiveness, Tolerance and submissiveness are wasteful. We need more debates, gameshows, foreign films and dating / glee clubs.

Who will take these actions?

Anyone reasonably fit can do these things. We just have to give them a foundation - a badge, a uniform, a class that everyone has to attend, basic dignity (a belt for ill-fitting slacks). Be brave and put up some powerpoint slides on your Facebook or arrange a class at the YMCA.

Where will these actions be taken?

Probably the local community centres or in Malaysia, the UTC and RTC (urban and rural transformation centres).

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

Good economic performance, success, lower crime rates are all side effects of responsible social activities of which this is one. Maybe even revolutionary changes can sweep a nation that is Brave, Sporty and Outspoken: turning a city into a garden, building an autonomous bus, a space elevator, starting a multi billion dollar

What are the proposal’s costs?

Over a month of activism, it's likely to run 3 USD per day per person for 10,000 people. That's a lot for Africans, not a lot for Malaysians. The good news is that some of the classes, pamphlets, meetings can be used to fund the proposal between 75% - 125% eg. through sales of merchandising and donations from made-successful participants.

Time line

Having a strategy to mold better citizens isn't easy. Chicken before egg - Money before being good? 5 years is a little long to be picking dandelions. The answer is a good wallop across the behind. If Nike said "Just do it". Team Smiley says "Why don't you". Achieving a critical mass of 10,000 volunteers will take over a month and then we can start.

Related proposals

I think that our proposal is nothing new, but a grassroots strengthening or foundation for others to build on. We're making people receptive to change from the body outwards while others may be using, more often, symbols that spur the mind into action. Both are complementary.


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