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Develope a 'High Carbon Economy' by converting GHG emissions into raw materials, like Carbon & use them to create Green Goods & Services.



When we think of Consumption, particularly by Mankind, we inevitably think of our demand for food, energy and other goods & services.

All of which is intimately tied to our love of easily accessible, on-demand energy and its by-products, such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

It is these GHG emissions, due to our ever increasing demands for cheap energy, are in turn, accelerating the Man-made Climate Change we're experiencing today.

The current line of thought is that by reducing our consumption of the world’s natural resources, we could mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

We propose a different vision.

We know that with an increasing global population, that in order to meet our needs our rate of Consumption is going to rise, not fall.

We truly believe that rather than trying to reduce our appetite for food, energy, goods & services, that we should embrace it.

We need to embrace our need to Consume by tempering it with Conservation.

We can do so by creating a High Carbon Economy.

By Aeromining we create the base industry to fuel the High Carbon Economy.

Aeromining by its very definition is the extraction of elements & minerals from the atmosphere;

  • We filter GHG’s like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.
  • We process the CO2 into its base elements, Carbon (C) and Oxygen (O2).
  • This process is decoupled from the large GHG emitters and can be deployed anywhere if not, everywhere.


From there, we begin the process of adding value;

  • We create higher tier raw materials (Graphite, Carbon Fibre, Graphene, Nano-Rods etc.).
  • We use these materials to produce carbon-based goods (agricultural, industrial & consumer).
  • We create carbon based renewable energy devices & storage solutions to replace existing fossil fuel solutions.
  • We improve crop yields by the use of carbon based technology.
  • We produce globally, locally. We can operate in every country, anywhere. This allows us to break monopolies on supply chains that stifle or throttle growth & artifically inflate prices for commodities.


Category of the action

Reducing consumption

What actions do you propose?

 The benefits of a High Carbon Economy are many-fold;

  • We reduce global GHG emissions via the Consumption of GHG’s to produce Carbon based goods & services.
  • We reduce global transportation of goods by use of the Internet and local production of processed carbon materials, reducing emissions and energy wastage further.
  • We replace our dependence on fossil fuels by creating effective, accessible, on demand, reliable renewable energy & storage.
  • We transform stagnant industries by disrupting existing economic models.
  • We make saving the planet economically viable and preferable to the existing status quo.
  • We build a workable global economic model based upon Conservation, not just Consumption that embraces innovation and trade via the internet and emerging technologies such as Additive Manufacture and 3D Printing.

Who will take these actions?

Who will take these actions? First Us, then Everyone!

To begin with, our proposal is based upon a standard start-up business model.

Let Us Dare will bring Aeromining technology for the capture and conversion of GHG's to market.

Initially our targets are the largest emitters of GHG's as they're a prime source of high concentrations of GHG's such as CO2, providing an enriched stream of GHG's ripe for Aeromining.

So initially we're looking to work with the following industrial sectors; 

  • Fuel and power for residential & Commercial buildings
  • Iron, steel, Aluminium & non-ferrous metals production
  • Machinery Production
  • Pulp, paper and printing
  • Food and tobacco industries
  • Chemicals Production
  • Cement Production
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas Production
  • Agricultural Production
  • Landfill
  • Road, Rail, Air & Sea transport


This maximizes the ability for Aeromining to take a foothold, rapidly grow and create a GHG Capture & Reuse Market.

However, we're chasing a Greater Vision at Let Us Dare. Supporting existing Industry sectors is all well and good; but we foresee that in the near future, Collaboration will be the conerstone Good Business. So, why not share profits as a tool for positive change?

Our concept is based upon the commoditization of our Aeromining technology, it's ability to be decoupled from large GHG emitters means that we will be able to sell/rent Aeromining technology directly to the public, that's you, the Consumer!

The only caveat? That there is a renewable energy source to provide power for the Aeromining process and reasonable transport links.

By leveraging existing transport infrastructure networks,  we can provide our Aeromining technology to both industry & the public. We can give Everyone, Everywhere, the tools to combat climate change. 

Our ultimate dream is to transform Consumers into Producers.

There's no reason why Everyone can't become a Producer. Let Us Dare will collect and trade the goods produced and share the profits in return. It's simply a case of doing Good through Business!

Where will these actions be taken?

Aeromining is not limited geographically. Let Us Dare is able to operate in any country, as long as there's the ability to generate renewable energy and reasonable transportation links.

The initial implementation of our technology will ultimately based upon having good access to high purity streams of GHG's and markets for trade of minerals, materials and product. This will provide the best environment for Aeromining to become economically viable with minimal governmental assistance.

As Let Us Dare is an UK company, this means that the UK/EU are prime candidates for pilot trials. Once proven at scale, Aeromining can then be rapidly implemented in any country where there's the potential for growth. Markets will likely dictate deployment.

As our main targets are the greatest emitters of GHG's, our Aeromining techology will be implemented on or close to these    GHG generating sites.

As deployment progresses and the technology matures, Aeromining will be opened up to the public for purchase or rental. 

It really is quite simple, wherever mankind lives, Aeromining will follow.



How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

Aeromining and GHG conversion brings additional benefits that other alternatives cannot provide, such as;

  • Boosting investment in national transport networks (rail/road/sea/air)  to support Aeromining and the mass movement of Carbon Based materials/products.
  • Reducing global transport (and thereby, emissions) of goods while boosting local manufacture. The future of global trade is digital & the manufacture will be local.
  • Kickstarting a carbon based industrial revolution creating growth, jobs and wealth for All.
  • Improving crop yields by the storage of carbon in the soil.
  • The creation of a new global market, driving innovation.
  • The replacement (or displacement) of fossil fuel energy generation with Carbon based renewable generation & storage.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The total costs are ultimately unknown. There's now true way to estimate these. Just look and any high capital project. Most are typically 2-3 times underestimated in terms of cost.

This is due to not only the deployemnt of the techology but also  the additional infrastructure costs such as renewable energy and storage combined with refining, manufacture and transport (adding value).

However, the costs will be far outweighed by the benefits. Additional jobs, both manufacture and supportng services, improved transport infrastructure, reduced GHG's.

With respect to the inital development to support a pilot scale deployment of our Aeromining technology, the costs will be in the region of £10-20million.

For example, first stage implementation at a 20Million MWh Energy fossil fuel power station emitting 20million tonnes of GHG's annuallly, £150-250Million.

This is far lower than the costs put forward by alternative options such as Carbon Capture and Storage.

Additonally, as we advocate adding value and converting GHG's into useful materials & products, we will generate a revenue stream as soon as we commence Aeromining operations.

This can offset the initial outlay costs & over time, turn the initial deficit into a healthy profits to fund further growth and diversification.

Where Aeromining has the edge is that the technology is based on commoditization.

We do not believe in bespoke or '1 off' solutions, rather smaller,  modular 'units'. With this methodology, Economies of Scale kick in. Henry Ford had some good ideas afterall!

We say, "Why spend £10million+ on a single, bespoke piece of equipment when you can build 100 smaller modular units performing the same function at a fraction of the cost?"

Overall we expect this methodology to result in cost savings of 2-3 fold over competing methods of GHG reduction such as CCS.

Through the development of Carbon based renewable energy generation & storage, Let Us Dare has the potential to become a disruptive global energy provider.

Time line

In terms of timelscale, Aeromining could be ready for pilot scale implementation in 2-3 years with inital commerical rollout within 5 years.


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