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2013reducing Consumptionjudges

Jul 2, 2013


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Thank you for your unique proposal! The judges were intrigued, and have some feedback for you so that you might improve it: One overall observation was that the proposal could stand to see more development in terms of depth of thought and concomitant length. In addition, the feasibility of a project like this stuck out as a primary issue: how are you going to convince interested parties that this is practically do-able? How does it result in increased efficiencies? Some thought that perhaps an alternate approach could be having gardeners for hire in suburbia, with the person being paid a flat rate per area and potentially a portion of production. A certain number of neighbors buying in to the program might be necessary to make it viable. One judge also wondered about the energy expended moving around to small plots of land, but noted that this scheme may be applicable in specific communities where transportation and land use are suited to the solution.