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2013transportationjudges 2013transportationjudges

Jul 9, 2013


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Thank you for your submission! This is a very interesting proposition. While we suspect that “used” after-ethanol production is already recycled/reused as animal feed, bringing the whole chain into a formal network can certainly have benefits. Unfortunately, your proposal was not selected as a finalist for the transportation efficiency contest. The judges did find it very interesting, however, and wondered if any steps have been taken to develop an implementation plan. Given that the estimated costs are very high, it would be good to see more technical details and assessment of technical feasibility.

Brian Eberly

Jul 11, 2013


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Thank you for considering my proposition. I do not think that the biproduct of ethanol production is at all going to waste, I am certain it is nearly all fed to animals, my point was not that biproduct is going to waste, it is that "ethanol" is going to waste by feeding straight-up corn to animals instead of making ethanol first. This plan, in this form, has not made much progress, though a similar idea (identifying "wasted" sugar and starch from agriculture and turning that into biofuel) has been making some progress. We may submit that project to a future contest. Regarding the cost of this proposition, it would probably be sufficient to fund an in depth study which may entice the existing establishment to fund a shift in their practices to a more sustainable and profitable model.