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2013transportationjudges 2013transportationjudges

Jul 24, 2013


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The judges have provided the following feedback for your consideration: - Works well in a world w/o energy losses. But given the laws of physics, it is not clear what energy source is used to compress the air - Clearly braking energy is by far too small - Is this a violation of 2. law of thermodynamics?

Eric Crews

Jul 25, 2013


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Hello, Thank you for your comment. I would like to send you a PDF of the design for you to examine more closely. The system contains a centrifugal turbo compressor that has an advancing field coil driven by pneumatic pressure. The pneumatic flow is also generating current by this flow feeding the electric motor driving the compressor and the pressure post compressor is re-introduced by impalement unto a pneumatic impeller also attached to the the advancing field coil of the turbo compressor. this causes the assembly to speed up upon itself creating high speed flow of pressure that is then impales the primary impeller attached to the redesigned electric motor and high voltage generator assembly. It's simple pneumatic flow is replaced unto the pressure storage at greater rate than discharge and the discharge generates the current.