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This proposal utilizes food and water to help reduce the impact of drought on a local, regional,and global scale.




              . . . The Three Realities of Climate Change . . .

(1) With ample food, water, and shelter . . there is NORMALCY!

(2) With limited food, water, and shelter . . there is ADAPTATION!

(3) Without food, water, and shelter . . there is MIGRATION AND     




This proposal titled, Siphonics Natural Engineering (SNE) is

designed to reduce the effects of drought by helping to create

food, water, and energy. (SNE) is also designed to neutralize sea

expansion, and coastal flooding.


The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has reported that

drought kills and displaces more people than cyclones, floods, and

earthquakes combined . . making it the world's most destructive

natural hazard.


In March 2007, when I was doing research on this (SNE) project . . CO2

was 384 parts per million . . innovation and solution was the cliche'

and global warming deniers were everywhere.


7 years has past - CO2 is 400 parts per million and moving upward . .

the words; adaptation and migration have replaced innovation 

and solution . . and detractors and solution delayers are everywhere.


The global masses are becoming more and more concerned that

misplaced priorities of today may be a recipe for the disasters of



I recently read an article about John Bradfield, a credible man in

Australia, who in 1938 could find no one to listen when he called for

flooding the dry lake, Lake Eyre, so that evaporation would create clouds

and rain for inland Australia.


68 years later in 2006, John Vidal of the Guardian reported,

"Australia suffers worst drought in 1,000 years."


It's now 2014, and desertification is on the move in places never seen

before or anticipated.


Research shows that waterborne diseases killed over 6,000 people

today on our planet and most of them were children. What could be

worse than watching your children die en-route to a drink of water?

                      Planet Earth needs serious medicine!                    

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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