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Right now we all have our own mowers, bbq sets and gardening tools, why not create a public shed where every tool is around for each street?



Right now we all have our mowers, bbq sets and gardening tools separately for each household,

Why not create this shed where every needed tool is around for a street or neighborhood?

That way we can

  • re-ignite some social relevance within a street or neighborhood, because somehow it feels more and more that neighbors become strangers,


  • go for more quality material instead of quantity, with less material/energy usage as a result


  • save a lot of money this way by combining forces, just like you can do with sharing electric bills trough group purchases. 


  • ...

What actions do you propose?

The action I propose is to try and put a shed in between houses with every gardening tool that is needed for several households.

This by making a group purchase/investment between several households.

This way every household does not need to buy a tool seperately, reducing material en energy this way.



Who will take these actions?

possible actors are local governments, neighborhoods and households, that are willing to try this out.

Where will these actions be taken?


What are other key benefits?


What are the proposal’s costs?

There is the initial cost of building the shed, and possible tools that needs to be purchased, or existing ones may be shared.

Time line


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