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Voice of Climate by Voice of Climate

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Teaching farmers about climate change adopted agriculture skills to let children go to school!



■ Background:  Working for an education NGO in Africa, I found that the climate change adaptation issues is effecting on child labor.  Although many global organization is working hard to let people know about climate change issues but in the reality the voice hasn't reach to the people in vulnerable area. For example, Lake Bosomtwe village in Ghana has been suffering climate change so farmers can't rely on previous profitable product which is onion. Farmer without enough knowledge about climate change need to use more pesticide and fertilizer. This situation  is aggravating the economic local status. Therefore farmer who can't raised the previous profitable product, they started to send their children to clime the tree to pick cacao beans because the children are easily clime the tree relatively. So to make our children to go to schools, it's the necessary condition that the parents farmer should  plant more lucrative crops. The global discussion in English is difficult to reach to the non-English speakers in local. 

■ Project: Voice of Climate(VOC) will make voice files in their own language about the climate change information and have workshops to let farmers know the changes on climate and new agriculture method and produce. Farmers who participate this program will get subsidy and they will create fund from the income. This system will make this VOC program sustainable.

Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?

■ Project: 

1. Gather climate change data near area 

2. Analyze possible and profitable crops 

3. Making educational material in their local language 

4. Have workshop and audio broadcasting 

5. Produce and feedback 

*Farmers who take part in this projects will get subsidy to begin this project and they need to put it back (20%) from the income. It will be the VOC fund to make this project sustainable.   

Who will take these actions?

Consortium with Local farmers, Agriculturalist, Local NGOs, Government, Agrometeorologist, local language interpreter, designer.

Where will these actions be taken?

Ghana, Bosomchui Lake village

Same concept project will be spread to other villages. 

What are other key benefits?

Voice of Climate(VOC) will contribute to 

- boost local farmers' income

 - clean the lake water quality 

- help children go to school rather than working at kakako farm.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Total 10,000 USD


Site survey (ex. Research)  3,000 USD

Making material (video and audio material)   1,000USD

Seed/ seedlings  5,000USD

Operating (ex. Events to promote)  1,000USD

Time line

2014 3/4 Climate Data collecting 

2014 4/4 Analyze possible and profitable crops 

2015 1/4 Making workshop and educational materials and operating 

2015 2/4 Produce 

2015 3/4 Feedback and VOC fund operating 

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Mid-holocene climate change in Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana, James Russell, 2003


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