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Francis Van Staa

Dec 26, 2013


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The upper range actually predicted by 2100 is around TWO meters, which is quite bad already! IPCC is estimating around 80 - 90 cm... but that is as I call it "Lowest Common Denominator" as it's what ALL can agree to :-( The ONE thing people ignore is Greenland Iceshelf: Melt/breakup might start from +1 degree. We're there! All that ice now above sealevel... it would add SEVEN meters, and could go quite fast. 7 meters, or 20, or 65... there IS no adaptation! Move Inland, that's all. Regards, Francis

Lingaraj Jayaprakash

Mar 13, 2014


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Thanks for submitting this proposal. Some immediate thoughts on the proposal. Science does not back some of your claims on sea level rise. It is very important to be very careful whenever we quote statistics and other figures, especially in the context of the cause we all are dealing with. IPCC in its first assessment report some 25 years ago itself noted that coastal protection is an important strategy to adapt to sea level rise. However, there has been very less action on ground on this primarily because, it is costly. Not all countries in the world have the financial and technical resources to undertake coastal infrastructure works of this scale. Another important constraint is that, coastal protection can have severe adverse impacts on the livelihoods and settlements of people living in the coasts. Therefore there could be severe opposition to such initiatives. Best wishes

Ricardo Jimenez

May 20, 2014


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Hi, I don't see the proposal. What actions do you propose?. Regards

Fanny Thornton

May 26, 2014


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Agreed. I think this is a proposal that needs better delineating. Concerning sea level rise, the latest disconcerting news here: Cheers!

Khalid Md Bahauddin

Jun 2, 2014


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Hello Where is the proposal and your action? :) Khalid Md. Bahauddin

Monad Kiysuren

Jun 3, 2014


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"Climate science predicts that we could see as much as 22 meters of sea level rise by the end of the century." 22 meters? I think that is grossly exaggerated.

Carolina Collaro

Jun 8, 2014


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Yes I note that 22 is a very erroneous data, as catalyst I suggest suddenly to review the last IPCC reports, anyway regarding Mediterranean sea and more precisely , the Adriatic sea, each year, the average level of the Adriatic increases by about a millimeter, and the most conservative estimates give rise in sea level of about 15 cm by 2100! It is already a dangerous level for the impacts that already are current on the coastlines. Cheers!

Sergio Pena

Jul 15, 2014


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One thing that you should considered in your process of creating this research proposal is to considered the legal problemas related to natural disasters like the one you explains here. I might give you the following ideas: which rights would you considered for those displaced by the rising of the sea level?. If the data avalilable fails and no rising of sea level happens no new rights might be considered but in case this happens..... Second, who will pay the bill? Climate change is a natural problemas but hte increase in the warming of the world not. Therefore some conuntries have to considered strong economic help for those countries affected by the rising sea level.