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Aug 6, 2014


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The topic of Energy Maps is relatively widespread, but on the efficiency side there hasn't been a lot of progress so there is room for this team. MIT has done some pilot energy maps of Cambridge, and I am aware of a startup in the SF area called Wattzon. An important thesis on this topic was prepared by Alexis Howland, MIT MCP 2013. Energy data and inference of efficiency potential at community scale is a more important principle than the description suggests. Dozens of cities have or are exploring building energy disclosure, with questions about how to normalize, analyze, and display the data. The NRDC and IMT have a ten city project to push this idea. Also utilities have pledged to make data available on the national "Green Button" initiative, and DOE is developing a building energy database system and resources (BEDS). That said, I encourage this capable team to pursue this strategy - their capabilities and that of the institutions participating are needed to achieve the promise of this. By becoming more expert on the state of the field (or just showing knowledge if already expert)will provide an ability to build on and not reinvent prior knowledge. Also not mentioned are any ideas on how to perform analytics on layers of data (gis, lidar, energy use, energy audit records, weather, data on physical building and demographics such as those in tax assessment records)in order to evaluate building performance and assess the remaining potential.

Victor Blanco

Aug 26, 2014


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I wish you the best! Please, check my proposal in Waste Management Contest, named "REACC: Recycled Debris for Adaptation to Climate Change"; and I would apreciate your support as I supported your proposal.

Climate Colab

Sep 3, 2014


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Congratulations -- this proposal has been selected as a Finalist! Comments from Judges: I really like this proposal - essentially, a "yelp" for people to comment on the sustainability of different buildings, locations, organizations, neighborhoods, etc. If it took off, it could help to generate reputation-based pressure for organizations to improve their ecological footprint. Also, the comments may also help to provide a way to bring energy-saving and sustainability practices to the attention of organizations and people that they are not aware of. It is low cost, too. The biggest challenge will be finding ways to get people to use the platform -- potentially work through sustainability organizations and/or companies that already have a large on-line presence for providing feedback (e.g., Yelp, Angie's List, etc.). This is the part of the proposal that requires the most attention and thought and it is not throughly addressed. Something to look into and address: has someone already done this? There are a lot of apps and websites out there! Best of luck in the voting period!

Jan Kunnas

Sep 16, 2014


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Hi, I like your proposal. Such a pity, I did not notice it before among all the proposals, as it has a clear connection to my proposal. In my proposal, I argue for the importance of someone to show the example for other ones to follow: Your proposal is looking at the flip side of the coin, as an individual might be reluctant to be the first one, providing a solution to this hindrance preventing them to show the example. Unfortunately, it is my understanding not possible to add linkages to proposals at this stage. I tried to locate some points to you, but your proposal doesn’t seem to have a contributor at the moment. Have you deleted yourself, or what have happened? You have my vote anyway.

Osero Shadrack Tengeya

Sep 17, 2014


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Hi TeamEneryInformatix and your friends, kindly consider voting for my proposal shown on this link. Thanks.

Anne-marie Soulsby

Sep 23, 2014


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Hi TeamEnergyInformatix Please consider voting for my proposal, Good luck with your entry! Asante/Thank-you @conserveaction

Ajith (aj) Rao

Oct 7, 2014


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Congratulations, TeamEnergyInformatix on making it to the finalist round! You had a very interesting proposal, and we do hope you will develop on it and present it again at the contests next year. All the very best with this work! Regards, Ajith