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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This proposal was not advanced to the Finalists round.

Comments from Judges:

We saw this as a strong proposal that presents an intriguing idea. However, we weren't convinced of the proposal's ability to be effective; the scope may be too broad to actually have the impact it wishes to have. In any case, it is likely and in fact probable that widespread adoption of LEDs will soon occur precisely because they can realize the non-energy benefits noted in the proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

I recommend advancing this proposal. A few thoughts: - Overall, compelling and well articulated proposal. It is evident that a lot of thought has been put into this document. - Very comprehensive but not necessarily a completely new paradigm - Clearly demonstrates the benefits that would come from adopted the approach suggested but think they could have better addressed the barriers and how these would be overcome

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