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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This proposal was not advanced to the Finalist round.

The Judges thought the concept of using profitability to drive energy efficiency (EE) was intriguing and could be an effective one. While the proposal is full of interesting ideas, it lacks some of the more tactical elements (e.g., breakdown of costs) needed to effectively evaluate its actual implementation. Also, the proposal pre-supposes (and even requires) that home owners are knowledgeable in EE and that is true for only a small fraction of people.

The author may also want to explore the success of ESCOs at the commercial / industrial scales as opposed to just the residential level.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

The idea is good one. For decades now, companies have worked in the large commercial and industrial sector offering a similar business proposition. Known as energy service companies, these organizations implement energy efficiency measures, estimate savings, and share the savings with their customers. I assume that this proposal intends to take this business model to the household and small business level, which right now are not served by such companies. My main concern about the proposal, and it's a big one, is that it's completely lacking in details about how the idea would be implemented. How would savings opportunities be identified and analyzed? How would they be installed? How would savings be evaluated? How would the proceeds be split between the company and the building owner (I suspect that 100% going to the company would not motivate many building owners)? How much would all these activities cost? How would those costs compare to the proceeds such a company could generate? Instead of dealing with these questions, the proposal talks about an advertising campaign paid for by the government. What it is that would be advertised is a mystery. My suggestion is that instead of spending time and money on an advertising campaign, that the entrant focus on answering some of the questions above, and perhaps try out the concept on a few houses.

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