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Rachel Finkelstein

Jun 6, 2014


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Curite, thanks for your proposal. I want to point out that the focus of this competition is on communicating risk to coastal communities, and I don't see anything about that in your proposal. You might want to amend your proposal so that it more closely addresses the contest description, or consider submitting it to a different competition (maybe geoengineering?).

Stanton De Riel

Jun 9, 2014


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Just a technical thing -- yes, electrical current could be considered to be passed into the Earth as ground, every time you run an electrical device. But, alas, once the voltage has been stripped out of the current (as it powers your device), there's nothing special about it; it doesn't just pile up somewhere and beg to be used! Rather, you could consider any piece of electrically conductive but neutral metal as full of such "dead electricity". You can't do anything with it, it's just there because it has to be (depressingly like a few of my students...;).

Amelia Trav

Jun 17, 2014


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This is an interesting idea, however it does appear to be in the wrong category, as this competition is focused on the communication of coastal risk. You may also want to develop your idea further, and find more concrete evidence that such a concept is technically possible.