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Strengthen and expand Coastal News Today - the voice of the coastal engineering and management community worldwide



Coastal News Today was established in 2011 as an online publication targeted at the coastal engineering and management  community providing news about climate change, sea level rise, beach erosion, etc. and the measures taken to combat them. It draws stories from publications around the world and aggregates them in condensed form for its subscribers.

Coastal News Today is published 7 days a week and the subscription is free.

It is the only publication of its kind. It has an enthusiastic following and its subscription base is doubling in size each year.

It is proposed to increase CNT’s resources by establishing a network of correspondents able to provide stories from their regions, and to cover news in languages other than English, thereby providing service to a truly global audience.

Coastal News Today is an already established and successful news platform which has the potential to become the “go to” resource for free news and solutions for coastal planners, managers, and decision makers, including elected officials, individual residents & business owners in coastal communities, land managers and others.

Category of the action

Communicating Coastal Risk and Resiliency

What actions do you propose?

  • Establish an international network of correspondents for coastal news to enable multi-lingual reporting
  • Create regional editions able to provide local stories
  • Create new sections to appeal to a wider audience
  • Expand the Resources section to provide useful data and tools for solving issues
  • Promote heavily to expand the subscriber base and audience

Who will take these actions?

The CNT team

What are other key benefits?

As an interactive platform CNT can serve for exchange of ideas between professionals and members of the community

Promote business  and cooperation on local and international level

Provide a database of references

Act as a Job and Expert Resource Centre


What are the proposal’s costs?

Proposal’s costs

Software & site development               $20,000
Staff costs                                          $100,000
Travel costs                                       $100,000
Correspondents network                   $200,000
Miscellaneous costs                            $80,000
Total                                                   $500,000

Time line

12 Months

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