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The clubbing of industries will help to reduce the GHGs emissions just like how the expenses of a joint family is less than nuclear families



As the GHGs emissions are on the rise today  it is very important to reduce them so that the climate doesn't get altered and this beautiful planet will be saved from Global warming. So first instead of planning to do big changes changes that are feasible can be made first, as small changes makes a big difference !!


In this manner To reduce GHGs emissions I propose a method which is simple yet effective!! The concept is simple : If we compare the expenses of joint families and nuclear families we can see that The  expenses of Nuclear families will be approximately equal to that of Joint families which mathematically implies that Joint families's expenses are much les than that of nuclear families when compared per person in the family. So applying the same analogy we get that If we club industries together their emissions will be much less than that  of when they are  manufacturing individually. As:

  • All activities will be carried under one roof
  • Transportation will be reduced as different industries are clubbed together 
  • The Machines and tools of this group of factories shared by each of them for their use this reduces the number of machines working at a given period of time hence reducing current usage and hence reducing GHGs emissions as till today most of the electricity is produced by coal only.
  • The wastes of each of them can be treated in the same place and can be disposed safely so energy used for this will also reduce.
  • Also the money used for production ill reduce as now these  industries  are clubbed together
  • In this way this will also reduce the space occupied by industries as now many industries are grouped together and also this will promote harmony among the people and also save our beautiful earth from pollution!!

 To understand better a simple example will work.

​               As the saying goes Sharing is Caring Lets share and show our                                   care to our mother earth!!

Category of the action

Reducing consumption

What actions do you propose?

To make this proposal a reality the following steps must be taken

  1. Government should give special incentives to industries which are being clubbed.
  2. Awards should be given to most eco friendly grouped industries.
  3. Awareness must be spread among people about the benefits of clubbing industries.
  4. Government should pass laws to club industries.
  5. Industry owners must come to an agreement with other industry owners and should club their industries with other industries
  6. Government should set up a department which deals clubbing of industries and the affairs related to it for e.g. to settle down the disputes between the industry owners and also finding out which combination of industries work the best which is the major challenge!!
  7. The industry owners must conduct a conference and come to a mutual agreement about the various issues in clubbing according to their own requirements
  8. The Industrialists should also keep in mind the environmental impact of their clubbing which shouldnt be harmful so a comittee should be set up by the government to see to it that clubbing of industries is carried only based on environmental conservation and gives positive effects on environment.
  9. Monthly studies must be carried out by the government on these clubbed industries to check their efficiency,production,positive impact on environment,these all should be satisfied to an optium level set up by the government,f any of the clubbed industries lacks in these aspects then the comittee must hav the power to try new clubbing options and dissolve that respective clubbed industry.


Who will take these actions?

These Actions can be taken by:

  1. Government
  2. Non governmental organizations
  3. Societies for Environment and climate conservation
  4. Industrialists    


Where will these actions be taken?

This action must occur not only in a specific country or location but all over the world as Little drops make a mighty ocean This small change performed on a large scale will bring a great reduction in the GHGs emission of the world also If this action is carried out in Mega industrialist countries like USA,India,UK,Australia,China,Japan,France,Germany,Russia etc.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

About 35.33% emissions will be reduced by clubbing as compared to the Individual Industries.

What are other key benefits?

There are a number of benefits by clubbing of industries

  1. GHGs emission will reduce
  2. Space occupied by industries will reduce
  3. Promotes harmony among people
  4. Reduces Expenses on industries
  5. Efficient waste disposal
  6. Machines and tools can be shared
  7. Increases Employment opportunities in government sector as a department is to be set up to see to these clubbing affairs and also a comittee is to be set up to take monthly survey of these clubbed industries,also a separate department of scientists are required to try out new combinations and see which of those work and also statisticians are required to plot the positive impact on environment by these clubbed industries quantitatively.



What are the proposal’s costs?

It is just the Clubbing of industries so the cost involved will be minimum.

Time line

This proposed action will be phased in short term of 5-15years if industrialists accept to this readily and if government passes laws to club industries.

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