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Matthew Cashman

Jul 16, 2014


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Thanks for the proposal! With only a few days left, it would be great if you could add more detail. Specifically, I think concrete descriptions of actions to be taken, by whom, and with what resources would help your entry.

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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I found this proposal very hard to follow. First, is it about registering durable goods, which it seems to be? If so, how does getting people to eat more sustainable fit into this? What is the social dimension? What is the relationship between recycling and carbon emissions? There may be one but it is not obvious what it is. Repurposing of products can be energy intensive. This dimension of the proposal needs to be fleshed out. What is the relationship between kitchens and recyclable products? What kinds of products are you mainly referring to? How does a database effect recyclability? This proposal needs to spell out its parameters for the reader to be able to appreciate it I fear. The proposal needs to be much more developed.