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Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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This proposal presents a good idea and makes a convincing case for product labelling. The idea presented is, however, not new at all and it has been tried before without much success. Unfortunately, research suggests that giving people more information doesn't lead them to making better decisions for the environment. The proposal also mentions rewards in the title, but doesn't address them in the actual proposal. Without a clear plan for the reward system and how it can remain economically viable, this project is quite unlikely to work and even less likely to be effective. The proposal could have been strengthened a lot by giving more specific details when it comes to rewards. We recommend that you keep working on the idea, but that you come up with a more specific plan that will address the most likely objections that readers will have.

Naolo Charles

Aug 6, 2014


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Thank you for taking the time to review that proposal. I am ok with the proposal not being supported. However, the way the refusal was formulated leaves the door opened for a lot of criticism. "Research suggest that giving people more information doesn't lead them to making better decisions for the environment." So is it to say that you guys think we should not improve the environmental information? Because not only that governments all round the world are trying to figure out a way to do so but also some of the proposals you supported actually try to do the same thing. I will not make the case for that proposal once again because there is no need for it and there are tons of books about it. It is false to say that this idea is not new and that it has been tried before. Nowhere in the world have been able to create a multicriteria environmental system that works. One of the proposal you supported talks about aggregating the information from good guide, which is like aggregating the aggregation of tons of estimations. This project that I offered you is a must, it is not about our beliefs. We need to measure the impacts to be able to manage them and we need a real responsible consumption system that works. Overlooking this is just a business as usual mindset. So I will keep looking at your platform but I suggest you guys open discussions after you reject proposals. Or I suggest that you make explicit your approval process so that we could assess the strategies you use to ensure objectivity. Regards.