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Doron Bracha

Apr 28, 2014


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The idea is interesting, yet it seems somewhat radical. Most people are not intense yoga practitioners, and never will be. Dieticians tell us to spread our caloric intake on 5-6 small meals a day, and I think most people who work and have families or other responsibilities, would find it hard to function on one meal per day. On the other hand, we Americans do consume too much, obesity is a real problem and we pay dearly in health, not to mention the damage to the environment. This level of consumption is neither healthy nor sustainable. Teaching and promoting yoga practice would be a good thing in itself, but it may be more effective if we could educate people and raise awareness to the real cost of food (including environmental, social and health aspects). I assume most yoga practitioners would agree we need to minimize meat consumption: Making significant changes would also have to do with politics and economics, which are never simple or easy. So I agree that reaching out to people is important, and yoga as a basis for a healthier lifestyle may be a good start. Cheers !..

Vishal Bhavsar

Jun 15, 2014


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The proposal could be modified to educate people to start consuming locally produced food rather than restricting to one meal per day. It may be difficult for people to cut down the food intake once in a day. There are various profession that need hard work and need high calorie intake. Also medical practitioner and dietician recommend small meals every two hours. Linking Yoga and reduction in obesity is good idea. Why just yoga any physical activity with health diet should help people world over to be more healthy and if they start having locally produced food, it will have huge impact on climate change. Locally produced food need less transportation and in turn reduction of carbon emissions. All the best!

Manohar Lal Baharani

Jun 20, 2014


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Food intake today is well informed in terms of calories and options. Through Yoga or otherwise "Food ethics" should come out with options of Food items having low GHG emission and then elite consumers could select. Waiting for proposal to get completed including its time line for further comments.

Paulo Borges De Brito

Jun 20, 2014


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The idea is interesting, but I don't believe population will like it. Also, reducing good consumption doesn't mean that people will eat quality food. People can still eat foods that use chemicals and such. How will you deal with that? Will also add sustainably-frown foods in the project? I think a good idea to add in this project is community gardens. Paulo

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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The proposal, while interesting, does not address many key obstacles. Given that people often make irrational choices when it comes to food, why would they follow the recommendations of your proposal?