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A touching Hollywood movie with top movie stars, addressing the green buildings subject; actors will also become green building embassadors



  • Create a touching family Hollywood movie
  • Envolving top stars
  • The movie to address the issues of living in "brown" buildings
  • Also to address the challenges that the movie heroes face in order to building green and / or live in a green house / neighborhood
  • Involve family members of all ages (Young Parents, kids, elderly / grand parents, neighbors) , and  pets...
  • Involve the related authorities
  • address the greedy aspect of some developers
  • address the successful outcome for all and include the business profits from building green
  • Movie campaign with clear green message touching on the individual perspective as well as on the global planet concern, but lived through the heroes of the movie (away from any documentary approach)
  • Movie to circulate the 5 continents and the movie team (Hollywood stars) to become green building ambassadors and to visit several green building councils & do with them joint activities while the movie is launched in the respective countries
  • Movie to be translated into several languages
  • The making of the movie should also be done in a green approach (reduced waste generation, less energy & water consumption, ...

Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?

The movie will address all the above  social actions, such as new policies, changes in economic incentives,  evolution of behavioral norms that will encourage adoption

The mass spreading of the movie and its success is critical to make people sympathize with green and ask for it and become advocates of living in green buildings which would ultimately  have a direct impact on climate change.

Since my idea is not a single idea but rather a platform to make many green building initiatives / ideas reach the public and all the stakeholders from building occupants to architects and engineers, contractor, developers, financiers, legal authorities, NGOs, students and schools, ... the development of this section of my proposal would be reported to later on, upon initial approval of the idea and the massive impact it could make

Who will take these actions?

  • The starts of the movie / the project team would work with the interested entities to promote green buildings, to lobby for the creation of incentives and for green construction law / standards enforcement, such as:


  • Students and schools
  • Universities
  • Communities
  • NGOs
  • world GBC and national GBCs
  • Green parties
  • Environmentalists

Where will these actions be taken?

I believe this is the most interesting aspect of this idea, because a Hollywood movie is global; it can be filmed anywhere or in many places, it can show common interests shared by humans each in his context, and most importantly, it will circulate the globe, from industrial to developing countries

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

No scientific calculations here, but

  • assuming building stock to double in 30 years and
  • assuming 70% of the new stock would end up becoming green (not just from this movie but from a trend that the movie would have helped generate) and
  • Assuming the green buildings would save up to 30% emissions from the business as usual and
  • Assuming that also 30% of the existing building stock would be turning green
  • then, 50% of the total building stock would be emitting 40% less greenhouse gases in 30 years, so 20% less than business as usual in 30 years from today




What are other key benefits?

Once again, this is not an idea suggesting a particular technology to be used but rather a movie suggesting an alternative / sustainable approach to life and to construction,


so the benefits would sum up the benefits of all ideas that could be suggested into the movie, in particular, people would be seeing their idols (movie stars) going green and believing in green constructions and in sustainability, and this will drive and motivate them to do the same

Moreover, huge benefits could be made by numerous individual green building organizations throughout the globe, that would undertake the projection of the movie for particular periods and sell the tickets themselves and generate revenue to finance other varied green building projects 

What are the proposal’s costs?

Another interesting thing with this idea is that, if successfully made, it will pay back for itself and will even generate profits

  • Movie budget: USD 139 Million (average cost of a major Hollywood movie)
  • Marketing & Distribution: USD 40 Million


The revenues will be generated from

  • Box Office
  • DVD sales
  • TV licensing


Hence, this idea doesn't have a cost but rather a budget for an investment, that, if well made would be financially profitable by itself.

Moreover and  as mentioned in the previous section, various organizations / green building councils can generate additional profits from selling movie tickets to finance their numerous other green building projects / ideas





Time line

  • The movie would take 2-3 years to produce
  • The movie campaign and impact would be important over the 2-3 years to follow, so say till year 5
  • Starting movie release, awareness, motivation and demand for green buildings will start to build-up. 
  • The already "green building players" would pick up this and will be ready to fulfill the growing demand
  • Other players (non green developers) would then try to join and respond / cater to this growing demand demand


  • The movie should never be a hit & run thing. The movie stakeholders would be requested to commit to what they showed and to walk their talk. Actors would be required to live in sustainable houses , production studio would be required to turn green, etc etc ...
  • This should be capitalized on and followed up through publicity and marketing campaigns and they are so many shows, magazines, ... that follow the life of the stars and that would do free marketing to shed on this subject; 
  • This should be capitalized and build on to make the movie stars, writer, producer, director, ... examples to follow by their peers and colleagues
  • After few years, a part 2 could be considered and then a part 3, developing into the future with new concepts, new and sustainable way of life
  • The movie should not be a standalone, it should have helped transmit to the public a sustainable way of life, creating heroes that defy the current way of living and that would be trying to lead new healthier sustainable lives and to inspire all humans to do the same, saving the planet, ...

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