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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This proposal was not selected to advance to the Finalist round.

The concept of public environmental quality is commendable. The link between this addition to Green Building Council tools and advocacy and creating or increasing public demand for green buildings hasn't really been made.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

This would be a great addition to existing Green Building rating areas that could have great benefits for cities, towns and communities to encourage more accessible, useful and enjoyable public spaces. I think this is a very good proposal with excellent potential of coming to fruition. It would be good to know more about the appitite for such an addition to existing rating schemes and whether there is a city or country interested in pilotting this project -- with that on board, this proposal would have a clear way to kick it off and develop it over time for broader take up.

The proposal to develop an 'Outdoor Environment Quality' indicator is terrific. Good engagement plan and connection to existing Green Building Council rating tools - but the connection to public demanding more green buildings needs more work. It would be great to have more detail on how 'Outdoor Environment Quality' would engage the public to want and therefore demand more green buildings.

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