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Account No Waste Things as IOE to the future by tracking globally, mapping Eco technology and global resources on No Waste Principle



Erecting global recourses tracking 

To give unified digital codification and label  /sticker  system with global online/mobile scanning and issuing label /sticker program allowing human as well any company to geo track all material parts or reusable materials of their products based on NO WASTE THING (NWT)

for example to track globally limited metals like aluminium with Alcoa to allow collection and reuse with lower energy and carbon footprint 

for example to track food from planting to table to be able to choose local and low carbon footprint 

Making ability to account personally and corporately carbon footprint.

Allowing freewill and free access tracking information, like 'FlyTrack' for any commodity / product / resource and with possible true proof confirmation like video/photo, will make the new green world economy begins soon.

Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?

Erecting global recourses tracking 

1st  appoint  LCA/Carbon total price (full track at the moment) calculation as a IOE (Internet of the things) 'true thing'  identification make clear that other things are illegal or overpriced.

2nd make buying and selling NWT as normal but not Labeled things are dangerous for health, community

3rd Localize to clients best valued by carbon footprint products.

Who will take these actions?

Government - Officially use for tendering needs carbon valued and originally labeled NWT

Business - Account as capital Carbon Labeled Value of the NWT things in Reporting as Capital

Individuals - Not spend money on non-NWT thus is money for nothing ! 


Where will these actions be taken?

May start locally as example in most decorbonized location or as free platform online


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

No Waste things are generally non emmissioning because to be used through generation 

Such accounting principles and living principle is LCA based where one generation live ZERO wast ebut just NWT capital to the other 

What are other key benefits?

Socially and environmentally it is starting a step forward green economy but not to pass transition stage

Transition may generate whole businesses to utilize and reuse old non-NWT economy and resources based on its mining from scratch

What are the proposal’s costs?

To be estimated,

short term its requires only IT & regulatory investments

long term its returns synergy on developing new production & living paradigm 


Time line

5-15 years : introduction new traceable and carbon valued NWT things with showing its real life cost and usability advantages as reuse / recycle / capitalization 

15-50 years: Global replacement 

50-100 years: Prohibition of non traceable and non-NWT  

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