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Emmanuel Vincent

Mar 19, 2014


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The AAAS* wrote a summary of what we know about climate change and its potential impacts. I think it is easy to read and makes a good reference for this contest due to its presentation of impacts from a 'risk' perspective. * American Association for the Advancement of Science

Caesar Ogole

Jul 21, 2014


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Emmanuel, Thank you for sharing this article. It is written in simple language indeed, and my team found it useful and decided to create questionnaire sets (quizzes) from the material you supplied, in addition to utilizing materials taken from other sources. Quizzes will simply be one of the components of our proposed system, and members of target communities will find it beneficial in that quizzes administered through interactive sms texts, interactive voice response system and the conventional web/internet (in languages of the locale)- will go a long way in creating awareness on the reality, risks and response to climate change. While the prototype has been tested and continues to be enhanced, we are unable to make it available to Colab members at this time due to constraints imposed by time. Regardless of whether this proposal advances to the next stage, we still hope to present the working model to all the Colab members in the near future so that we gather their input as we continue to scale up the system for production use. Our goal here goes beyond just participating in this contest, but to actually to deliver the product because we have a strong conviction that our contribution to this cause will supplement the efforts being put in other dimensions in tackling the daunting challenges posed by the phenomenon of climate change. We read through the article over and over again since you shared with us, and we will continue using the material as noted above. We hope to gain more insights on making this project a reality and we will to contact you with additional questions (mostly in your domain in climate science).