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Massive windfarms are built off each coast, shares are sold to power companies, credits given to retiring comparative coal production.



Government and the large power producers build giant wind farms offshore, credits given to retiring coal plants in exchange.

The cost is shared by the investors, the wind farms are massive.

The electricity is transmitted onshore, upgrades to infrastructure (substations, transmission lines), increase reliability.


Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Build 5-15 giant wind farms off of each coast.

Transmit power onshore to abundant demand.

Gov't subsidizes power producers in an exchange with retiring coal plants

Its also an alternative for companies struggling to meet emissions requirements



Who will take these actions?

The government would back the power producers investment.

The electric industry is constantly upgrading regardless, focus it here!

They spend billions anyway, with small gov't boost, this succeeds!!!



Where will these actions be taken?

The coasts of the USA, creating jobs, creating clean energy!

Investment in cities on both coasts, energy independence.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

10,000 MW of clean wind energy added to the grid to start?

100,000 MW added within 10 years..?  Seriously, without even some insane investment it cuts 20%.  It's THE game changer.

What are other key benefits?

Putting these over the horizon out of the public view.

The power is within 15-20 miles of many large cities!!!

It would be quite an attraction for boaters, cruise ships, airplanes flying overhead.

Its a complete restart on the pollution levels in the USA, finally leading the proper way!!!

What are the proposal’s costs?

Initial investment is the main cost.  There is no fuel cost!!!!  This makes it cheaper than fossil fuel!  Just build them!  The maintenance is minimal!

The split is between the power producers and the fuel supply.  If the producers can be drawn to this proposal.  The coal and oil lobby will need to find other markets.  That's the main obstruction, they won't like this plan very much, but it's still a terrific plan.

Time line

3-10 years.  If I had the opportunity.

Related proposals

I have a plan to cool the ocean waters.  Extreme low cost and low impact.