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Nanda Kumar Janardhanan

Jul 19, 2014


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Hi Thanks for the proposal. In the key benefits section it is mentioned that 'Most importantly, the customer does not have to make any upfront investment. The process finances itself'. Bit more elaboration on this points will be much appreciated.

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Judges' Comments: While the proposal assumes that residential customers have many cost effective energy efficiency and/or generation options available, this is not supported with any specific analysis within the current proposal. 'Most importantly, the customer does not have to make any upfront investment. The process finances itself '. A bit more elaboration on this points will be much appreciated.'

Climate Colab

Sep 3, 2014


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Judges' Comments: 1: The plan of the contributor is to bring entire cities to energy independence with their Path to Zero through carbon neutrality, energy neutrality and energy cost neutrality. Plan is to start with selected neighborhoods cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands, then the Holland and finally global. There are already a number of initiatives that aim to reach energy independence and this approach does not seem to bring a sufficient level of novelty. On the Energy cost neutrality, there are already many schemes used by the European ESCO for energy efficiency, but here it is not clear their role if any or how the customer does not have to make any upfront investment and 'the process finances itself''. As mentioned previously, more elaboration on this point will be much appreciated. The added value is a structured approach step by step with a final goal of going global and an infrastructure to monitor, support and manage the progress that may attract funding. 2: A strong proposal to extend an energy efficiency scheme that has been successful used in the commercial buildings context to entire cities. The overall scheme is very similar to existing ESCO schemes that have been deployed elsewhere but tries to do this at the scale of entire cities. It is not clear exactly how this would work. Who is the customer for the PTZ when working on a city scale? Must the city government lead this? The team has also selected a bizarre goal of energy neutrality for an entire city. It is not clear if this is an appropriate goal. (Energy neutrality could lead to higher emissions given the limitations of existing small-scale generation technologies.)

Hemant Wagh

Sep 6, 2014


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Would it be possible to include into your client communications a request to "save the seeds of fruits eaten by their units (work/family) throughout the year and spread/help spread those seeds onto unused land in the vicinity." This would help increase the green cover, density and in long run provide fruits free of cost to everyone. Along with marine a land bases CCS program would be beneficial. A proposal outlining such an approach is available. Following is a link to such a proposal. This would bolster the efforts directed at finding workable solution to climate change..

Joris Rp

Sep 8, 2014


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I just love how this initiative makes becoming energy independent easy for every one! No technical knowledge needed for making the right choices on how to save or produce energy. No big budget needed to finance the solutions! Energy independence for every one. I love it!

Jan-willem Hoogeweegen

Sep 10, 2014


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It is great that you already have quite some show cases from companies which are now on the path to zero with your help! Keep up the good work!

Krijn Braber

Sep 16, 2014


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Congratulations Arash Aazami, With your drive and energy you should be able to change the world and create the 'Paradigm Shift' we so desperately need to finally get rid of the 'fossile Fossils/Dino's' :-) Greetings and compliments, Krijn Braber

Osero Shadrack Tengeya

Sep 17, 2014


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Hi BAS and your friends, kindly consider voting for my proposal shown on this link. Thanks.

Rickert Pos

Sep 30, 2014


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Go BAS team!

Victor Blanco

Oct 4, 2014


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Congratulations!!! Please check the "Discusion Section" in the "Community" label... Proposal of activity during the Conference Session of 2014 Winners...

Robert Bernal

Oct 20, 2014


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Can't believe that mere conservation and efficiency got the win! These can only prolong us in the fossil fuels "box". Whatever happened to powering planetary civilization with the molten salt reactor (and all the renewables, too). It's that or bust (because we have to generate obscene amounts of energy JUST to clean up our excess CO2 mess).