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Craig Butler

Apr 16, 2014


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This and other associated types of energy technology are very important to support. Sites such as ,, and have more information for those interested. There may very well be a new world scientific paradigm emerging that these new technologies are demonstrating. Current Quantum/Relativity/Newtonian paradigms/theories are conflicted in a number of ways and are not accounting for a number of anomalies that are occurring. Current electromagnetic theory is of Civil War era and is in serious need of revision.

Craig Butler

Apr 16, 2014


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Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize Laureate, developed the theory of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics which could account for new technologies emerging such as this that fly in the face of current theories. Also, Eric P. Dollard has replicated Tesla technologies such as this one to prove, as this inventor apparently has also, that they will work. Mr. Dollard also has been developing well articulated more complete electromagnetic theory to better account for experimental phenomena that supports these developments.

Robert Dedomenico

May 3, 2014


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Don't waste your breath repeating claims that just aren't true. The laws of thermodynamics are well established and the truth until demonstrated otherwise. Show me. Show anybody.

Jeff Harti

May 8, 2014


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@yugani: Thank you for your proposal. I look forward to reviewing it in greater detail, but it seems that it has already sparked a lively discussion. Great to see.

Michael Brown

May 22, 2014


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"...low input power source a 4 pole 0.75 kw 3 phase Electric Motor, achieving high output 3.5kw even capable of 5.5kw." But if your theory is found to be against the second law of thermodynamics I can give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation. - Arthur Eddington Your heart is in the right place, but your brain is deluded on first principles. -Mike

Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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While we love the novelty of this proposal, there should be some external validation to your proposal We'd like to see you adapt this idea towards a future proposal where you could focus on building up a hypothetical project and extrapolate and scale it to show a wider scale effect. For first steps, consider filing a patent with the USPO (mind you will need to have a working model), then take it from there. We look forward to seeing your enhanced proposal next year!

Moses Dasan Cj

Jun 27, 2020


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Hi, very good proposal.

Thinking out of box. 

I'm not a engineering background. 

But i have a idea and thought related to your proposal. I don't know about the thermodynamics but i know the idea what is inside my mind. It will work.

My thought is free energy using multiplier.

It will create great revaluation in 2025

All the best for your projects.