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When the crops we take for granted fail to produce . . Sargassum can feed our starving world!




The Challenge:

 It is estimated that food supplies will have to double in the next 40

years to feed a population of nine billion.


If we expand this population growth to also include fuel, climate

change, new plant and animal diseases, etc., many leaders believe

we must seek new directions if we are to provide the needed

economic growth our planet needs for a better tomorrow.


Although the USA looked at it closely in the 1970s, today the

Japanese are quick to recognize that our oceans can play a

significant part in neutralizing the planetary challenges coming at

us over the next horizon.


The Japanese claim that in 2005 with carbon dioxide at (380 ppm)

they could produce 7,500 tons of sargassum per square mile by

growing sargassum weed in huge nets floating off the coast of



Each net would be six miles by six miles and produce 270,000 tons

a year of sargassum weed.


When scientists discovered (Please see - Mystery of the Sargasso

Sea Solved / Live science, 2008.) that small eddies of constant

upwelling moved the CO2 / nutrients upward to the hungry plants

floating on the surface, this explained why sargassum plants has

the capacity to grow up to 40 feet per year and absorb up to 36

tons of CO2 in the process.


Upon addressing the atmospheric side of the equation, scientists

also found that today's normal circumstances of (400 ppm), one

acre of seaweed can lock away almost eight metric tons of CO2 per

year from our atmosphere. 


When I further investigated this situation, I discovered what may

be the solution to our planetary problems.


Reference: "CO2 Science". Logothetis, K., Dakanali, S., Loannidis,

N. and Kotzabasis, K. 2004. Journal of Plant Physiology 161: 715 -



It was determined that exposure to air of 100,000 ppm of CO2

produces, in the words of the authors, "A reorganization of the

photosynthetic apparatus that leads to enhanced photosynthetic

rates, which leads to an immense increase of biomass."


Category of the action


What actions do you propose?




                CO2 Enhancement equals Sargassum on steroids!

This unique CO2 saturation process utilizing contract labor, consultants,

and leased equipment will turn a profit, and also provide the food, energy,

and essentials our planet needs for a better tomorrow.


Basically, this process creates an opportunity to;


(1) Receive a fee to safely dispose of manufactured CO2s. 


(2) These CO2s provide saturation for the Sargassum. When these

CO2s are absorbed into the Sargassum, this dynamic creates run-a-

way growth for food and energy.


(3)These products are sold and distributed to the masses at a fair price.


                                  HERE IS HOW IT WORKS;

CO2 collecting divisions of the U.S., U.K., etc. . receives an

imbursement of (? $ ?) per metric ton for safely utilizing

manufactured CO2s.


These CO2s are freighted by rail, truck, &/or pipeline to coastal

locations to be loaded on barges, etc. and freighted to GPS

designated locations.


Meanwhile; as the CO2s are being freighted to their destinations,

small tugboats herd huge floating Sargassum masses, using high

tensile lines connected to buoys, with heavy net hanging from the

bottom of the lines about 10 feet down.


When the freighted CO2s arrive, they are released by prescription,

using a perf system in the zone below the huge floating islands of

Sargassum.  The CO2s slowly perk and eddy up to the floating

Sargassum as their food source, essential for growth and

propagation. This ultimate carbon sink will create the massive

bio/mass our planet needs for food and energy.


Net farming Sargassum - expanded in combination with the CO2

Enhancement Process - will create overlapping bio/mass dynamics

never before documented.


These huge Sargassum Islands would then be floated to coastal

facilities or shipped inland to be processed into high protein,

vitamins, minerals, foodstuffs, and energy. 



Because of this and other scientific research, no wonder microalgae and

macroalgae are being seriously explored as the tangible solution to many

of our global problems.  

Who will take these actions?


Governments, institutions, collations, consortiums, Nonprofit

Organizations (NPOs), Non-government Organizations (NGOs) and

individuals concerned about the welfare of everyone on Planet


Where will these actions be taken?


Everywhere on Planet Earth there is an opportunity to make a positive


What are other key benefits?


                 . . . Planet Earth is faced with three realities . . .

(1) With ample food, water, and shelter . . there is NORMALCY!

(2) With limited food, water, and shelter . . there is ADAPTATION!

(3) Without food, water, and shelter . . there is MIGRATION and



Cultivated land should never be depleted of its nutrients - trading

carbon footprints that are debatable.


Especially now, when crops we have always taken for granted are

failing to produce.


Cultivated land should be used to feed a starving world!


We must get serious about adaptation strategies designed to help

Planet Earth maintain the bare essentials of food, water, and


What are the proposal’s costs?


The Japanese have been successful using net farming for many

years . . to enhance their food and energy sectors.


This CO2 perfing process will not only manufacture more food and

energy but will also provide additional income as a viable CO2 sink



A win, win, win, solution!  


Time line


In Japan this CO2 Enhancement Process could be in limited operation in

less than 90 days and full operation in one year after they made a



The rest of the world could follow based on the abilities of their




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If our planetary leaders continue thinking "inside-the-box",

declining to be connected, and choosing the indecision of

business as usual, Planet Earth will inevitably succumb to our

vices and superficial reasoning.