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Please believe me when I say,"The very fate of England and America may hinge on who controls the Sargasso Sea."



Recently, John Vidal of the Guardian wrote; It is estimated that food supplies will have to double in the next 40 years to feed a population of nine billion, while at the same time, farmers must cope with climate change, oil price rises and new plant and animal diseases.

In another article, Vidal also wrote; (emphasis mine) Many countries, preparing for the hunger wars of the future, are purchasing twenty to thirty billion dollars of land per year, with most of it in Africa.

These two articles and quotes from others who have the contacts and know-how to recognize that if we fail to not come up with a tangible solution;  hunger, violence, and massive migration will topple the less hungry through the domino effect.

 As an example:

Those overpopulated countries, purchasing large tracts of land in Africa, are concerned with feeding their own hungry people.

To survive, these hungry African people will migrate north to Europe with many dying along the way.

Someone, somewhere, must find a way to suffice these masses with at least the bare essentials while they have control.

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The Sargasso Sea;

The Sargasso Sea is 700 miles wide and 2,000 miles long. It is the only sea without shores. In 2008 scientists estimated the Sargasso Sea contained over seven million tons of Sargassum weed.

Underneath these huge drifts of Sargassum weed, some as thick as nine feet, the water is 3.7 salty and clear down to 1200 feet.

The transparency of this 1200 foot "euphotic zone" is unlike other oceans as photosynthesis is totality maxed when aquatic plants receive the extreme sunlight conducive to plant growth.

The important dynamic, scientists have discovered, is that small eddies of constant upwelling moves the nutrients upward to the hungry plants floating on the surface.  (Please see - Mystery of the Sargasso Sea Solved / LiveScience, 2008.)

These unique characteristics dramatically increases bio / mass and CO2 absorption levels, where even under normal conditions, a Sargassum plant will grow up to 40 feet per year and absorb up to 36 tons of CO2 in the process.

The Japanese claim under normal circumstances they can produce 7,500 tons of Sargassum per square mile by growing Sargassum weed in huge nets, floating off the coast of Japan. 

Each net would be six miless by six miles and would produce 270,000 tons a year of Sargassum weed.



Floating juice bars could be used in the Sargasso Sea to separate the juice from the cellulostics using simple on sea extraction and mechanical crushing.

A commercial kelp harvester can harvest approximately 550 metric tons in a single day.

The waste, if any, can be digested by the ocean and the juice will fill barges or vessels and floated to land - based refineries and processed for specific &/or exotic fuels. 


To simplify . . if the Sargasso Sea is to be streamlined and focused as a humanitarian project . . the Sargassum is netted and floated to processing plants in Puerto Rico, etc.

The Sargassum is then manufactured into protein and vitamin enriched foods and energy.

The Sargasso Sea is a renewable, 2,000,000 square mile, food and energy factory that can help feed the migrating masses of chaos and desertification.


                                         . . . Under development . . .




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