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Version 2.0. Message to all competitors & readers . DEAR JUDGES, PEOPLE NEED 2 KNOW THIS ISSUE



Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Solutions and propose actions :


Solution for expansion :

Trembesi  VS tax VS diversity of natural systems

First , we only have 5 or 10 USD to solve CO2 of 1 family + 1 or 2 cars + Global Serious Errors of Design , Green Standard so I advice to solve this problem , we use Trembesi only . It’s impossible to plant 200 , 220 pine trees to absorb 14.8 tons CO2 emit by 1 average car in US by money of 1 family . Perhaps every year , this family have to spent 3 or 4 USD to take care of 3 or 4 Trembesi .   

As I prove we have annual planting tree tax , this is not correct if we destroy 1 tree and plant 1 tree if we focus on absorb CO2 value . If we destroy 1 tree type A  than we pay tax to plant 2 trees , so plant 1 tree type A and 1 Trembesi . This process will continue until CO2 of atmosphere decrease to safe norm . After that you can choose which type you intend to plant . 1 tree type A for Diversity of natural systems , 1 Trembesi  to decrease CO2 of atmosphere .

The key here is we can mix type of tree .

Environmental laws , green standard , LEED rating system must contain absorbing CO2 standard of environment before / after we build buildings , roads . To fix Global Serious Errors of Design , we find suitable area and plant Trembesi – an absorbing 28.4 tons CO2 tree to replace the plants we destroyed when we build buildings , road . These things should become a policy .

My propose actions :

We learn protecting environment at school . There are 125000 school in US and about 100 millions school in the world . I begin to call upon all school in the world to fix Global Serious Errors of Design before continue to teach kids protecting environment .

Next I will begin with governmental buildings . I can’t estimate this because I don’t have data . I will tell them to supplement absorbing CO2 standard into laws system .

We build a lot of roads around this world without knowledge about absorbing CO2 standard . So my advice is each km , mile plant 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 .......... Trembesis belong to how wide the road is and which type of trees , plant we destroy when we build roads .

The Impact of Proposal “ Global Serious Errors  of Design of the World , Environmental Laws “  on climate change :

For more infomation

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

All the world .

What are other key benefits?

Decrease CO2 of atmosphere , decrease sea level

What are the proposal’s costs?

15 => 20 USD per 1 family if 1 trembesi cost 5 USD . Actually 1 Trembesi cost 2.5 USD

Time line

Forever .

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