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Anita Talberg

Jul 16, 2014


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Hi samcarana, It's great that you've put in a proposal! The competition closes on Sunday. We hope you'll get time to complete the proposal by then as it looks like it may be very interesting. Good luck!

Patrick Mcnulty

Jul 17, 2014


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Spot on Sam....Geochemical engineering got us into this and so Geo-engineering can get us out of this. Otherwise,it's a 5,000 year wait instead of a 20 year wait....

Sam Carana

Jul 17, 2014


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Thanks for the support. Some further details of the Climate Plan are also at Cheers, Sam Carana

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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Sam, I appreciate that you took the time to participate in the CoLab and our contest and I clicked through and checked out your Climate Plan site, unfortunately there just isn't enough here for us to advance your proposal to the next round. You've obviously thought a lot about climate change and how we can combat it and I hope you'll join us sooner next year and will have the chance to present your ideas more completely.