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Robert Dedomenico

Jun 18, 2014


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I agree with the pitch statement, and don't see the point in bickering much over details that I am too busy to help with, so you have my support. (Besides, since I am too busy, I did not nit pick looking for how to go about it better!) I wish you well, Robert DeDomenico

Daniel Rossetto

Jul 4, 2014


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Dear Be The Change, Thank you for your entry in the global plan contest! Please note that — unlike other Climate CoLab contests -- two central elements of this global contest is for authors to (1) link together proposals from other contests into an integrated plan for the world as a whole, and (2) complete the climate model for their proposal’s impact on climate change and our economic systems. Please revise your proposal to incorporate these two elements, or else your proposal is not likely to be rated highly in this contest. If you wish to submit an idea to the Climate CoLab without including other proposals and how they fit together into a larger vision, we recommend moving your proposal to another contest. Kind regards, Daniel

Climate Colab

Aug 21, 2014


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Calls for an intriguing world-wide citizen education movement. Does not include sub-proposals or a model run, as requested in the contest prompt. Would have been a good fit in the Changing Attitudes/Behaviors contest, but does not mesh with Global contest’s focus on integrating multiple ideas from many other Climate CoLab contests.