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Saving energy, cooling down towns by introducing gardens everywhere on roof tops, feeding people with sustainable foods



Instead of using space in oceans, which we and marine mammals need for navigating, and lands, which we need for food, why not use the lost spaces we have on top of buildings or garages to collect wind energy, with small and esthetic windmills - which already exist -, and create gardens for fresh and sustainable food and others for greenery and flowers for city people, gardens which would in the same time help cool down the town... 

Category of the Action

Integrated action plan for the world as a whole

What actions do you propose?

- the greenery on roof tops will help cool down towns...

- help people to get involved in doing something for themselves as well as the community they live in...

- help people fell good about themselves in creating gardens that can help a lot of them as well as the environment they live in... [a lot of people do that already but at a world scale it is yet far too little]...

- a lot of small windmills on roof tops could give enough energy to a whole town if we can store the surplus somewhere waiting to be use when there is less or no wind...

Where will these actions be taken?

Every where there is flat roofs. Cities, villages, even individual houses...

Who will take these actions?

Government, organizations, individuals...

What are key benefits?

Already did.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The economic costs could be easily won back and I don't see any negative side effects if it is well thought...

Time line

Between 5 to 15 years, otherwise it is no use.


Support campus farms as essential components of a sustainable food system

How do these sub-proposals fit together?

farming in town, sustainable sources, involvement of citizens in their own district and town, giving power to people...

Explanation of model inputs