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Thermal energy & kinetic energy conversion of the Gulfstream to lower Co2 GHG emissions anywhere between 300ppm/350 ppm in 20 years.



OTEC closed loop design as mentioned in above article.

What actions do you propose?

Energy conversion of the Gulfstream can prevent most  ALL fossil fuel GHG's from entering Earths atmosphere. Combined with a world wide tree planting program we can now start to draw down Co2 levels in the atmosphere and oceans. This will cause Earth to cool and ice at the poles/glaciers will start to rebuild which will increase albedo so more incoming solar radiation can be reflected back out to space thus cooling the planet more. As we restore ice at the poles/glaciers in this manner sea levels return to normal. The normal behavior of burning fossil fuels for energy is no longer needed. The governments "Climate Action Plan" would help fund the idea:

Who will take these actions?

Major companies or businesses can become independent power producers through government grants or though their own investments.. Many companies these days are sitting on billions of dollars in assets. Perhaps the government can offer them dollar for dollar to get the project rolling and be repaid later after the profits start rolling in. The governments "Climate Action Plan" would help fund the idea:

Where will these actions be taken?

Gulfstream Near Miami Fla and the Keys. Kuroshio current near Taiwan. Yucatan Current  between Mexico and Cuba.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Transfer 1% of thermal heat energy and 30% of the kinetic energy of the Gulfstream to the power grid to supply base and peak loads to eliminate fossil fuels. The tunnels can get us near 100% reduction in Co2 along with the other fossil fuel GHG's in 20 years once placed into operation instead of the 30% reduction of Co2 by 2030 proposed by the President and the EPA.. The Gulfstream has enough heat energy to run the industrialized world over 100 times it is up to the task... The tunnels just need to get 1% of that energy to do our work. Scroll to 2:30 here:


What are other key benefits?

I study the idea daily and have found the idea can reverse many of the ill effects of climate change that fossil fuels are bringing us today such as Co2. SOX, NOX, particulate matter, smog, higher sea levels, higher sea surface temperatures, red tide,hypoxic oceans, lower PH levels in our oceans, coral bleaching, loss of Northern summertime arctic ice, Loss of the Antarctic Ice shelf, loss of albedo, skin cancer,Loss of Methane Hydrates, Melt of Arctic Tundra, lung cancer, war, heart attacks, stroke, asthma, loss of polar bears, sea lions, narwhals, walrus, krill, shrimp, rain forest's, soil moisture, more desertification and prevents fracking. etc. etc. etc. They can also weaken a category 5 hurricane such as hurricane Andrew to a category 2 or 3 storm prior to landfall by lowering SST's to ~70 degrees F  3 days prior to it's arrival if needed...

What are the proposal’s costs?

Depends on how many we build I would say 20 billion should cover it.The only negative side effect is not implementing them that alone is proposed to cost us 60 trillion by 2050.

Time line

5 to 15 years. Build them one at a time and let the profits build the next one.

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