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Avail the hightech software to the lowest tech farmers. It's free to use as long as they farm within an ecologically sustainable limit.



  With advances in technology, the current generation of smartphones will eventually be affordable to third world farmers.  When this occurs, there is an opportunity to make the most sophisticated farming software available to these farmers.

  Example software:
  1) John Deere : mobile farm manager
  2) Penton Media Inc: Ag Weed ID
  3) Google: Google Earth

  The most sophisticated farms in the US are constantly updating software to perform on the latest generation of phones, so this powerful software will never support the phones which are affordable to third world farmers.

  An international framework could be developed which allows this software to be backwards compatible for third world farmers.  This can be accomplished with very little effort, if U.S. agricultural software companies are encouraged to use this framework now.

  The framework can become self-sustaining, when third world farmers take digital photos of their successful harvest, typing personal thanks a few of the software developers.

  There is also the possibility of running the processing on U.S. servers which prevents the software from being stolen.  Also, it can have the ability to be disabled when farmers aren't being ecologically friendly. 

What actions do you propose?

  Developing the software, creating a website and attending conferences where this software is developed and speaking to the leading companies in this field to implore them to use the framework.

Who will take these actions?

The major US farm manufacturers.  John Deere and others. 

Where will these actions be taken?

In the small villages which are at the forefront of these ecological catastrophes.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

  It improves the perception of US goods, manufacturing and good will around the world.

What are the proposal’s costs?

  The costs of creating the framework: $200,000.
  The costs of attending 2 conferences per year for 20 years: $50,000.

Time line

20 years until this generation of smartphones is affordable for third world farmers.

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