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Planet Earth desperately needs elite individuals and groups to find the common ground we need to move innovation and preservation forward!




Climate change solutions in the news and on the net have become so

politically entrenched that innovation and preservation groups have

entered into a solution/stagnation phase that creates no solution or

escape for the millions of people on Planet Earth who will die as a result.


Innovation requires funding to research effective solutions.


Preservation requires funding to insure those solutions will do more

good than harm.


Funding has become the conundrum of the tail (tale) that wags the dog!



                          My cavalier transition to adaptation!


Fourteen years ago . . I was 57 and telling everyone who would listen . . I

believed we could have a better world by exchanging the excesses of

today for the essentials of tomorrow.


When our daughter and son finally became adults and no longer lived at

home, I persuaded my wife (a retired teacher) to help me build a small

cabin off-the-grid in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma.


I repeatedly told her that all we had to do was exchange those things we

took for granted and retain the essentials.


We moved into our cabin with the ESSENTIALS OF FOOD, WATER,

and SHELTER . . in 2000.


There was no electricity, no AC. We used propane to cool our food,

cook, and heat. When our well was dry, we hauled water. We used a

solar panel to charge our phone and computer batteries.


Due to labor intensity, health issues, and the lifetime teaching skills of my

wife who repeatedly reminded me that living outside our comfort zone

was more of a challenge than what I had anticipated . . we moved back

to the grid in 2010.


I immediately turned on the AC - took a long shower and went to bed.


As a researcher, I viewed this 10 year journey as an opportunity to

help me evaluate three realities!


(1) With ample food, water, and shelter . . there is NORMALCY!


(2) With limited food, water, and shelter . . there is ADAPTATION!


(3) Without food, water, and shelter . . there is MIGRATION  &    



Category of the action

Changing public perceptions on climate change

What actions do you propose?


Planet Earth now faces the most perplexing situation imaginable.


On one side of the line is the creative individuals, researchers,

inventors, and problem solvers who comprise the nucleus of

innovation dedicated to seeking a climate change reprieve for

Planet Earth.


On the other side of the line is preservation individuals and

groups who sincerely believe it is their duty to defend Planet Earth

from the harm which may come due to innovation being over

zealous in the pursuit of solution.




At what could be the worse timing in the annuals of climate history,

we have the overwhelming agendas of big politics, big money, and

climate change detractors who have created an atmosphere of

distrust and apprehension between innovation and preservation.



The REAL search for common ground begins when everyone

starts living together in a glass house!


When the factors and variables of innovation and preservation are

honestly and openly addressed and compared in the glass house of

public forum . . solutions that are unable to cope and be effective may

be discarded while others may move upward.


                                                . . ALSO . .


When the integrity of preservation groups are compared within the glass

house of public forum . . and it becomes obvious their agenda is

unrealistic in relation to the severity and future chaos of the problems

faced by Planet Earth . . these groups will eventually lose their credibility

and support. 


How can we get everyone to understand that when innovation and

preservation continually draw lines in the sand, this creates

IMPASSE that affords no solution or escape for the millions of

people on Planet Earth who will die as a result? 

Who will take these actions?





If YOU have the unique skills to form elite groups that collectively remove

these lines of impasse drawn in the sand, YOU may be our best hope

and opportunity to survive climate change.


Planet Earth desperately needs skilled individuals and groups governed

by conscientious objectives to recognize when innovation and

preservation are not acting in good faith to find the common ground we

need to move forward.


When you see them acting irresponsibly . . remind them that Planet

Earth needs serious medicine, and they are responsible to write

and fill the prescription!




When you see the injustice of big politics, big money, and those who

secretly create situations to bring social upheaval and chaos to Planet

Earth . . use the power of peaceful coercion that ebbs away their

private agendas and remind them  - that in the inevitable end,

history will exact a high price from those who planted thistles on

the fertile fields that could have saved millions of lives.



Where will these actions be taken?


Everyone, serious about climate change, should step forward and put

important issues on the table of discussion and discourse . . everywhere

on Planet Earth.


Everyone, not-serious about climate change, should ask themselves if

those who plant thistles of doubt and disregard to trivialize climate

change really care about the best interests of Planet Earth?


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?


If innovation and preservation leaders continue thinking "inside-

the-box", declining to be connected, and choosing the indecision

of business as usual, Planet Earth will inevitably succumb to our

vices and superficial reasoning.


This is why those with skills to move the solution process forward

are so crucial and important!


What are other key benefits?


Anytime individuals, groups, collations, and consortiums step forward to

promote a peaceful coexistence between major factions like innovation and

preservation . . this is a "do or die" opportunity to respond for the greater

good as caretakers of Planet Earth.

What are the proposal’s costs?


Although trillions of dollars are on-the-line, the monetary costs for our

humanitarian initiatives are  ZERO!


                    GREY MATTER DOES MATTER!


The fuel that runs these humanitarian initiatives is the grey matter of

skilled individuals and groups with the conscientious objectives to

recognize and identify those innovation and preservation groups

who fail to find the good faith and transparency to move forward.

Time line


Progress begins when one individual has a simple discussion with a

friend about their related abilities to make a difference.


                                   . . . SOME GOOD NEWS . . .

I recently read that on May 17, 2014, House Minority Leader, Nancy 

Pelosi (D-Calif), encouraged the graduates of the University of

California Berkeley to speak out to tackle the problems associated

with income disparity, education quality, and climate change.


She told them their peers around the world will help, and there's

no need to wait for leaders to act.


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Based on the projected possibilities of social upheaval, chaos,

and planetary devastation . . our collective abilities to focus

peaceful coercion to remove the IMPASSE of innovation and

preservation may be the key factor we need to survive climate


Together, as we ask others to seek the high road to challenge,

transcend, and overcome the enormous responsibilities required

for a better tomorrow, those decisions will ultimately determine

how we are judged in the inevitable end.





The Fine Line Between Adaptation and Migration!

The Fine Line Between Adaptation and Migration!

Cloudtec is a net environmental, pollution removal and cooling process!



If anyone is interested in expanding their skills . . regarding a broader

discussion of geoengineering . .  you will find excellent information here.

Social Science & Geo-E . . .