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Anna Förster

Apr 29, 2014


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The idea is really interesting and I lie it. However, you should elaborate further on it and offer details, plans, names, etc. What troubles me most is the fact that your description looks like a very raw idea and not like a real plan. You need to get the support of the people you are talking about - scriptwriters, maybe? BTW, there are some good examples also for your thesis - e.g. the kids series Go Wild. There, the main heroes are ecologists fighting bad guys who want to destroy the nature.

Paulo Borges De Brito

May 13, 2014


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I agree with Anna. I would like to see a more elaborated plan with more details and an actual plot. Paulo

Kim Walker

Jun 9, 2014


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This is a great idea and has already been used with some success to address other social issues. For a quick summary of some of these instances see The relevant information is toward the end of the paper, specifically under the headings "promoting family planning" "preventing the spread of AIDS" and "female literacy." The cost involved in this could be as low as the cost of a conversation with a few sympathetic writers and directors. The benefits could be quite dramatic though if the new social norm was conscientiousness with regard to the environment in a larger number of the hundreds of tiny decisions that millions of people make every single day.

Vishal Bhavsar

Jun 12, 2014


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The idea is good one to create impact at large scale through communication. The greatest platform for communication or connecting with people at large could be mega events which is crowd puller. If you take example as the FIFA soccer world cup which would have global viewership of more than 3.4 billion people. This year’s mascot for FIFA cup ‘armadillo’ is a specie facing extinction. This are events the real role models can be introduced and let them communicate the message of real change required to overcome challenge like climate change. Similarly events like Oscars, EPL, Formula 1, tennis grand slams all of these events project winner and leaders in their in their field. Why not build stories and start connecting with common people. You could create heroes like IRON MAN or cartoon character who have appeal across spectrum of people and create larger impact. Also you can take one scenario like a impactful program for FIFA or a movie and build the proposal of cost and timeline for this particular program. All the best for proposal.

Shannon Cosentino-roush

Jun 12, 2014


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I do like the idea of inserting environmental values into mainstream media through key characters, but I must say, the first thing that came to my mind after reading your proposal was advertising campaigns. Some of the quickest ways to create social change are through ad campaigns. There are some well-known celebrity proponents of environmental causes (Leonardo DiCaprio comes to mind first, but there are more) and perhaps these icons could be approached and documented engaging in some of the behaviors you outlined (urban gardening, riding a bike as transport, composting). I do not want to seem like I'm changing your original proposal, but this might be something that could be valuable as an additional component? Thanks for thinking outside the box!

Manohar Lal Baharani

Jun 18, 2014


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In this world of work, the industries are back bone. The change is from heavy core industries to electronics hardware. From earth surface to applications based on outer space. The idea is to incorporate the "environmentally benign" routes of products and services through media and other campaigns. The proposal needs further expanding by identifying select sectors, their environmental concerns and then focusing on the contents of campaign that makes concerns for minimizing ecological distortions and simple ways to do it as mentioned in your proposal. Best Wishes.

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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Not really sure where this proposal is heading. Would have liked to see more detailed ideas.