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Guy Beaumont

Apr 29, 2014


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Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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An interesting proposal that is based on physical reality. It is certainly considered before and has chances of working for certain vehicle categories. Social acceptability is likely the largest obstacle - the monetary benefits from the reduction in insurance costs would be unlikely to compensate for this except in the case of fleet / rental vehicles. This was not worked out very well in the proposal. Can be a medium/short term effort towards a sustainable transition but not transformative. It is more likely that speed-limitation will come from the cars themselves (lighter, lower powered vehicles). The proposal is very preliminary, being just an idea without any satisfactory examination of its main aspects. The actions proposed are just an ordered list of activities but: 1) none is explored and deeply examined; 2) the related responsibility is left to volunteers and 3) the evaluation of such actions is left as a future study.