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Neil Harrison

Jun 15, 2014


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George Bush (#43) proposed a major science push to develop hydrogen as a transportation fuel. This has not happened. Why not? Industrial and regulatory impedance caused by well-developed embedded systems? Why have electric cars emerged rapidly in recent years despite the absence of "filling stations"? How has industry support for electric motive power developed despite the absence of an industrial infrastructure? You need to answer these and related questions and complete your proposal.

Brook Seaton

Jun 16, 2014


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Thanks for the comment! There is consumer demand for clean energy, but powerful fossil fuel interests who oppose them. It seems that overnight, 'filling stations' have appeared in the SF Bay Area, but where you'd expect they'd be, like gas stations. I'll try to incorporate your suggestion.

Manohar Lal Baharani

Jun 18, 2014


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The safety of Nuclear power station is as critical and important as hydrogen. The difference is centralized huge power and distributed small quantity of power. The mobile phones to smart phones have grown world wide. There are regulations for not using it while an aircraft takes off / lands and at gas fuel filling stations. Similar to this situation, high risk hydrogen fuel usage has to find simple directives and safety devices to satisfy the consumer demand. The rate of returns on investments in competitive market economy has to find avenues for the proposal.

Laur Hesse Fisher

Jul 24, 2014


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This proposal has been moved by an Administrator from the "Industry" contest to the "Transportation" contest.

Kimberly King

Jul 27, 2014


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This proposal needs to incorporate a great information that has already been discovered and revealed by a veritable plethora of organizations worldwide e.g. for starters CA Fuel Cell Partnership LinkedIn Global Hydrogen Ambassador's Network Fraunhofer Hydrogen IFAM NREL Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research