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How much Hot Exhaust is being vented into the atmosphere? How much CO2 is in this exhaust. Lets recover the heat energy and remove the CO2.



Poking out of the roofs of commercial buildings and industry and America's power plants are chimney's, and leaving these chimney's is a lot of Hot wasted energy and CO2. To reduce the effects of Climate Change this heat energy needs to be recovered and utilized, and the CO2 needs to be removed.

Sidel Systems has been applying our Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery for over 30 years. Instead of venting Hot exhaust the heat energy is recovered and made available for use back in the building where it was combusted. Being vented into the atmosphere will be Cool exhaust.

Sidel Systems has also developed a Carbon Capture Utilization System that is designed to capture and transform the CO2 in these exhaust gases into saleable - usable products.

There is water in combusted exhaust, and when the heat energy is removed, this water is being created. This distilled water is very usable.

Category of the action


Who will take these actions?

The title should read : Who Needs To Take These Actions?

The US GSA is America's largest commercial building owner.

Who Else?                                                                                      Hospitals and Prisons. Shopping Centers and Hotels. Other Commercial Building owners. Little Industries that consume natural gas and larger industry to pharmaceutical and petro chemical. Food and Beverage Industry.

America's Power Plants consume nearly 1/2 of all the natural gas yearly in America.



What are other key benefits?

In 2013 the EIA states that commercial buildings and industry and the power plants consumed approx. 19 Trillion cu.ft. of natural gas. How much of this energy was wasted? 40% ~ 60%  At what temperatures was this energy put into the atmosphere.

The US DOE states that for every 1 million Btu's of heat energy recovered and utilized, 117 lbs of CO2 will Not be put into our atmosphere.

Increased Natural Gas Energy Efficiency = Reduced utility bills = Profit Increased Natural Gas Energy Efficiency = Reduced global warming Increased Natural Gas Energy Efficiency = Reduced CO2 emissions Increased Natural Gas Energy Efficiency = Water conservation

What might this do in the battle against Climate Change?

What natural gas is not wasted today, will be there to be used another day!

What are the proposal’s costs?

Project costs will be dependent on the size of the natural gas burning appliance.

There is a Return On Investment for this investment. Reduced utility bills and the sale of the transformed CO2 products.

The greatest benefit is to our Environment. Installation of this technology will create jobs and dealing with the CO2 products will create full time jobs.

There is nothing negative. This is a Win - Win Situation for America's Economy and Environment.

At some of America's

Time line

There are hundreds of thousands of chimneys poking out of roofs across America. The question is "How soon does America have, to need to reduce these Climate Change effects?" There are goals that have been set to reduce a lot of these Climate Change effects by 2020 and more to be done by 2030.

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