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Hanaa Rohman

Jan 13, 2015


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Minka— Thanks for this proposal! This specific contest is focused on the urban heat island implications of improvements and I therefore encourage you to reframe your proposal to this context. One question that may help: how will this improvement result in a measurable reduction of UHI effect in different Cambridge neighborhoods? Best, Hanaa

Jennifer Lawrence

Feb 5, 2015


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Hi Minka! Thanks so much for your proposals. Just a reminder that the contest ends tomorrow at midnight. If you would like to update to address the question Hanaa posed, please do so by then. Thanks, Jen

Climate Colab

Feb 18, 2015


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Dear Minka: While we feel that this proposal has merit, it is not quite on-topic with this contest. Thank you for all of your proposals and we can't wait to see what you will propose next!