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Climate Colab

Feb 18, 2015


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Congratulations on making it to the Semi-Finals for the Urban Heat Island Effect contest. Please take into consideration the comments left by the judges and do please incorporate that feedback into your final proposal. We look forward to seeing your ideas finalized in the next iteration!

Jennifer Lawrence

Feb 18, 2015


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Dear Ravimik: The CoLab had a typo in their previous message to you. The proposal revision period closes on March 1st, NOT the 31st. Below are your proposal's comments from the judging team. Thank you for participating! Judge 1: To echo the comments from others - it would be good to see how the timeline and costs could be updated for Cambridge. Maybe there are there other cities than DC that you can draw parallels to for cost development? Judge 2: This ROI analysis is unrealistic in the Boston/Cambridge area and therefore undermines your main argument. Can you update analysis to reflect the regions marketplace? One of the reasons DC demonstrates a short ROI is that they offer a good incentive program. What kind of incentives could Cambridge offer that would generate similar ROIs?

Ravi Mikkelsen

Feb 25, 2015


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Thank you. I'm looking for numbers that more accurately reflect the city/region. The ROI I quoted was actually a national number (so probably even less accurate depending on where the other sites are), the DC ROI was slightly longer.

Laur Hesse Fisher

Mar 4, 2015


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Dear proposal authors: The Finalist selection phase has been extended so Judges could finalize their comments. The Fellow team will be in touch with more details as they arise. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ~~ Laur Climate CoLab Project Manager

Climate Colab

Mar 6, 2015


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Dear Ravimik: Thank you again for submitting a proposal to the UHI Contest. You have obviously done research on green roofing and it shows. While green roofs can have an impact on urban heat island effect, we have decided not to send this proposal to the finals. Thank you again for submitting a proposal. Sincerely, Jen