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Felipe De Leon

Jun 17, 2014


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Thank you for submitting your Proposal. There is great potential in state level action to set a price on carbon and some states have gone down that route (California, RGGI, etc), although mostly through market mechanisms. The general ideas described in your Proposal are attractive, but I would suggest more details are required about how the actual "promoting" of state level regulations would take place. Remember that a great proposal is requires more than a great idea. It requires a clear path to implement that idea.

Ross Collins

Jun 27, 2014


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I like the idea of state leeway in implementing carbon price reform. The newest rules from the EPA on power plant emissions is a good example. However, I think you still need more detail on the unifying policy framework that will occur at the national level in your proposal. Could you clarify what exactly you're proposing on this level? It would then be very interesting to describe how various state actors would be likely to act (and benefit) under the national regime...

Eric Dargy

Jul 11, 2014


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While I don't agree with much of this proposal, I think its thinking outside of the box. Gay rights, civil rights and marijuana activism all have something to teach or slightly spoiled climatologists.

Climate Colab

Aug 5, 2014


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Essentially suggests a state by state approach to pass a carbon tax with amounts collected going to support renewable energy. Not clear any state would be willing to pass such a tax proposal (amounts and details missing) with such a narrow set of beneficiaries. Also not clear what benefits would be, what expectations are re other states acting, etc.