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Everything you see in here today has been created with fossil fuels. Yet the greatest form of energy goes Over Looked. It is Kinetic Energy.



There are only two forms of energy. Potential Energy:  Fossil Fuels, gas, coal, nuke and Kinetic Energy:  Anything moving! The difference is:    Everything you ever seen or bought that was manmade was created with the use of fossil fuels.       What about the other only form of Energy? Everything you see in here today has been created with fossil fuels.     For all of our lives the government has been telling use to buy fossil fuel stuff!We buy: Mowers, bikes,  trucks, boats, airplanes, and every ones favorite Fossil fuel cars!Above 85% of our power Plants and electricity from fossil fuels.So The electric mower,  bike,  truck,  toaster,  stove, hair blower, stereo and our favorite electric car. All run on fossil fuels.Hi may name is Abuanthony Alim Owner of Alim Innovations I am an independent computer software engineer, electric product design researcher of over 20 years.I have over 130 years of proven electrical generator systems to innovate from.No rock unturned in advancing the electrical generator systems for the 21 Century!US Pays Up to 52 Billion in subsidies “Free Money” annually for fossil fuel providers.That’s 52 Billion not to find an Energy solution to the energy crisis!The E. P. A. finds that the hidden health impacts from the burning of fossil fuels to create electricity cost as much as 886.5 billion annually, or 6% of GDP.What about the other only form of Energy?Anything Moving! Einstein said: you can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it!Their solution is to find better fuels or more fuels. Einstein said: To keep doing the same thing and looking for a different outcome is insanity. The first Law of thermodynamics is that you can’t create energy or deplete it only change it from one form to another.We have to change Energy from one form to another.Over 130 years electricity is made with Mechanical kinetic  Energy the  Only other form of energy is movement.All movement by any vehicle can be harnessed and converted to clean electricity.

Category of the action

Mitigation - What U.S. Federal Agencies can do to mitigate climate change

What actions do you propose?

All vehicles can be adapted to this system because all vehicles have moving part that are position with the right movement to be adapted to the system. The Open thermodynamic system for vehicles is the only credited proven solution to fossil fuel use. In short the replacement for fossil fuel.

Those in the fossil fuel industry will have to be trained to adapt these new system to current vehicles to reduce the impact to the fossil fuel workers.

Who will take these actions?

The US government and NASA will be the biggest actors and the first to license this technology. Individuals will have the ability to produce their own electric power at low cost.

Where will these actions be taken?

I would like to partner with the national labs and University of FL. for more research on the working prototype as well as other design configurations. I need this competition to work for the future of energy!

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

All vehicles today use Potential Energy to create movement. That movement or work is used for nothing right now it is being wasted every day by every vehicle on earth. All movement can be harnessed and converted to clean electricity. The Push and Go E-Bike converts 50% of the mechanical kinetic energy to clean electricity. It' the first E-Bike to fully charge it's own batteries while you ride it.

What are other key benefits?

  Combining the Energy and Transportation markets is disruptive world wide. Every vehicle can be adapted to this system. In 10 years all vehicles can be adapted to the system.

What are the proposal’s costs?

How could the greatest form of Energy go over looked?To harness the work that is being done by a vehicle and convert it to clean electricity is not free energy!If you can harness 1% of a vehicles kinetic energy to convert to clean electricity? Why Not find a way to harness 100% as I have did?We never knew that all the miles drove could have been harnessed and converted to clean electricity at a savings of our prosperity.  

Time line

It is my greatest hope that this 130 years of proven science is not rejected.I will work with the government to license-out this technology. Because it is so disruptive in the energy and transportation markets. In the next 5 years we would have converted every government vehicle as they would want to be the first with this technology in use.IN 10 years we think that fossil fuels will be outlawed from any vehicles.  

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